Celebrating the success of the quality system in the Saudi Industrial Development Fund

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Renad Al Majd for Information Technology (RMG), in cooperation with Tharwa Human Resources Company, has succeeded in implementing the integrated quality system in the support services department in the Saudi Industrial Development Fund, where four certificates were delivered from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO):

  1. ISO Certificate (ISO 9001: 2015) in Quality Management System.
  2. ISO certificate (ISO 45001: 2018) in occupational health and safety system.
  3. ISO certificate (ISO 14001: 2015) in the environmental management system.
  4. ISO certificate (ISO 17100: 2015) certification in translation services management system.

Saudi Industrial Development Fund Celebrating the success of the quality system in the Saudi Industrial Development Fund Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

As part of the activities of the ceremony that took place at the headquarters of the Industrial Fund on December 17, 2020, under the generous patronage of the Director of Support Services Department Mr. Bader Al-Saraia.

During the last period, the Saudi Industrial Development Fund continued its Entrepreneurial activity in developing the local industrial sector and keeping pace with the Saudi Kingdom 2030 vision. The application of these specifications is a continuation of the effective role that the administration plays in supporting and strengthening the Saudi industrial sector and in the context of its continuous efforts to provide a healthy and safe work environment that helps to provide services Distinguished for citizens through the governance of its work procedures following international standards.

Celebrating the success of the coherent quality system implementation project in the Saudi Industrial Development Fund

The department obtained the Integrated Management System certificate after a comprehensive evaluation process and based on multiple criteria to identify internal and external risks and ensure that corrective measures are taken after assessing the quality management system and achieving operational efficiency, which facilitates the discovery and identification of problems on time and taking quick steps to avoid the same errors in the future.

The ISO 9001: 2015 standard deemed/ considered The most famous standard is that it applies to all establishments in various sectors and has several benefits, the most important of which are saving time, reducing expenses, and preserving resources while reducing errors through:

  • Review customer and supplier opinions about the level of quality management.
  • Forming a specialized team of fund employees and consultants to Renad Al Majd Company and Tharwa Company to implement quality management standards.
  • Create a project plan with a training and awareness plan that defines the roles and responsibilities of the team’s staff, with a time frame for each stage.
  • Coordination between quality management standards and the work nature at the Fund’s Support Services Department.
  • Developing an integrated training plan in accordance with the methodologies of the British Commission for Auditing (CQI | IRCA).
  • Create an awareness plan for the fund.
  • Review the department’s applied quality management system to ensure continuous performance improvement.

      And the Support Services Department also obtained: Two certificates for occupational safety and environmental management.


The (ISO 45001: 2018) standard is considered the most famous standard in the field of occupational health and safety that creates a sound environment for work by applying all safety and security requirements, ensuring the eligibility of workplaces, and increasing organizational flexibility through proactive risk prevention, innovation, and continuous improvement through:

  • Systematically identify external and internal issues, needs, and expectations of employees and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure that a balanced professional policy is developed by the Support Services Department with the participation of employees, with a focus on educating the Fund’s guests, clients, and suppliers.
  • Risk-based thinking as the basis of a management system.
  • Expand requirements regarding internal and external communications, including the need to define what, when, and how to report and communicate.
  • Increased focus on controlling change, controlling recruitment, supplier, and outsourcing processes.
  • Defining goals related to performance evaluation.
  • Establish an emergency preparedness and response plan.
  • Create a safety plan that defines the responsibilities and authorities for safety in the fund.
  • Distributing rules for employee safety, which is a method and methodology that employees adhere to and follow to reduce the possibility of safety and security-related accidents before these accidents cause any injury, disease, or property damage.

The (ISO 14001: 2015) standard is focused on Environmental management, as it seeks to challenge the best way to develop an effective environmental management system while ensuring sustainability in providing distinctive services, thereof:

  • Reducing operational costs.
  • Optimal environmental use of available resources.
  • Improving environmental performance.
  • Control of environmental hazards.
  • Achieve environmental obligations and global environmental policy requirements.
  • Commitment to social responsibilities.
  • Enhancing a positive image among stakeholders, beneficiaries, and employees.
  • Maintaining environmental knowledge and ensuring effective information delivery.

The (ISO 17100:1015) standard, In turn, helped the Translation Unit in the Support Services Department obtained the Translation Management Certificate.

This standard helps to establish the TRANSLATION SERVICES MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and specifies the requirements for the central procedures necessary for the translation process and other necessary aspects required to provide a quality translation service that matches the international standards applied in the field of translation through:

  • Define the concepts related to translation and its services.
  • Clarify and document concepts related to translation techniques and workflows.
  • Documenting the review and final review.
  • Clarify concepts related to people working in translation services.

During the celebration of this occasion, Mr. Bader Al-Sarai said: This certificate is considered one of the distinguished and distinguished accreditations in the world, adding that there are several basic stages for obtaining certificates, which include preparation, review, examination, and training. He pointed out that all procedures were evaluated and corrected at each stage, to complete the basic requirements for accreditation, and he stressed that obtaining certificates in the administration will be entitled to many benefits, the most important of which are:

  • Achieving safety and satisfaction of customers, visitors, and workers.
  • Improving the fund’s image and reducing the accidents that may arise from the risks of the unsafe establishment.

He indicated that obtaining the certificate by an internationally specialized company is considered the first line in maintaining quality management standards that pass an integrated chain of follow-up, monitoring, daily, weekly and monthly audits, through inspection tours, corrective reports, preventive maintenance, and following up on the opinions of the facilities’ users, which are indicators Accurate to raise the quality of services provided.

Saudi Industrial Development Fund Celebrating the success of the quality system in the Saudi Industrial Development Fund Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

Mr. Bader added that the implementation of the translation management system will ensure the completion of translation projects efficiently and efficiently, dealing with all data and documents, storing, retrieving, archiving, and disposing of them safely and securely through the use of the best translation tools and techniques with the use of international terminology that raises the level of the implemented projects.

      Mr. Thamer Dehaim, project manager, said, “The project started with:

  • Evaluate the current situation in the support services department.
  • Then starting to form a coherent quality system by establishing systematic work procedures and then applying them to the concerned departments.
  • Training of employees on quality systems, by holding several workshops attended by the employees of the units.
  • Starting the initial internal audit phase and transferring knowledge to employees to work as internal auditors certified by the British Audit Authority (CQI | IRCA).
  • After implementing the Integrated Management System, the Global Grants Company conducted a comprehensive audit and recommended through its Executive council, to granting of international accreditation certificates.

This painstaking work culminated in the honorable honor of the management of the Saudi Industrial Development Fund for the project cadres and the consultant of Renad Al Majd for Information Technology (RMG). In his turn, the General Manager of Renad Al-Majd Company, Mr. Abdul Karim bin Abdul Rahman bin Muhareb, emphasized the importance of the integrated management system as a new and interconnected system to work within the industrial fund and thanked the efforts of all workers in the project.

Saudi Industrial Development Fund Celebrating the success of the quality system in the Saudi Industrial Development Fund Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

It is worth noting that the Industrial Fund provides a package of distinguished services (loans and land) to Saudi establishments in the following sectors:

Where the incentive programs launched by the Industrial Fund to meet the needs of the investor vary:

  • Afaq motivational program.
  • Competitive program.
  • Localization program.
  • Renewable program.

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