Government experience maturity index for digital services

Correct any deviations and achieve the highest levels of maturity in measurement

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Digital experience maturity index for government services

It is an index launched by the Digital Government Authority, which is responsible for issuing various measurements, indicators and tools in the Kingdom to regulate digital government work and achieve its integrated goals with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to reach a leading global digital government. The Digital Experience Maturity Index primarily aims to measure the current maturity level of various platforms, digital services, and products affiliated with government agencies, based on 3 perspectives that cover all aspects of the beneficiary’s digital experience.

Government experience maturity index for digital services Government experience maturity index for digital services Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

Perspectives for measuring the maturity of all electronic government services

The digital maturity index for government agencies is based on three main perspectives:

The benefits that government agencies gain from the results of the Digital Experience Maturity Index

The digital maturity index of your government entity’s platforms and services reaching advanced levels will contribute to:

  • Crowning the digital efforts of the government entity by highlighting its name as a leading entity in the Kingdom.
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the digital entity’s products and services.
  • Increasing beneficiaries’ confidence in the entity’s electronic services.
  • Increasing satisfaction and demand for government agency products and services.
  • Motivating all employees in the entity to innovate and create while developing digital services.

Prepare to measure the digital experience maturity index

Renad Al Majd for Information Technology Company (RMG) has contributed over the years, under the supervision of its expert teams in digital transformation strategies and techniques, management methodologies, and improving the experience of beneficiaries in providing various services that support government agencies in preparing and progressing for the various measurement processes supervised by the Digital Government Authority, including digital transformation measurement , and we are proud These entities have achieved exceptional results by reaching the highest levels of maturity and compliance.

How does RMG help you?

Our Services in the Digital Experience Maturity Index

  1. Providing comprehensive checks for the entity’s digital channels and ensuring that they are free of any security vulnerabilities.
  2. The service of measuring the entity’s current digital maturity and identifying weaknesses.
  3. Examining the digital user experience of various government agency platforms and services.
  4. Providing improvement and development plans for the entity’s various digital services to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for beneficiaries.
  5. Providing advice and preparing plans to fix any current errors experienced by the entity’s digital platform or electronic services.
  6. Assist in preparing and reviewing all documents and materials that will be submitted for measurement.
Government experience maturity index for digital services Government experience maturity index for digital services Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

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The digital experience maturity measurement targets all entities operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that work to provide digital government services. This measurement includes all digital government platforms, products and services and their affiliated channels. In its first session, the measurement will focus on measuring the maturity of 12 digital government platforms.

  1. Raising the maturity levels of all government services that are provided in the Kingdom digitally.
  2. Encouraging government agencies to improve and develop all aspects that contribute to government digital transformation.
  3. Integration with digital government trends to be at the forefront of the world’s leading digital governments.
  4. Ensuring the quality of government digital services and beneficiaries’ satisfaction with them.
  5. Ensuring the maturity of digital experiences for government services in accordance with best international practices and standards.
  • Measuring digital transformation: The digital transformation measurement, in its tenth edition, targeted various government agencies in the Kingdom, and its main goal was to measure the extent of government agencies’ compliance and commitment to royal orders and circulars and the best international standards and practices in the context of digital transformation.
  • Measuring the maturity of the digital experience: It aims to measure the digital government services provided to citizens, visitors, and various entities in the Kingdom, and aims mainly to measure the level of maturity in providing distinctive and easy digital experiences that meet all the needs and goals desired for their existence and achieve the satisfaction and confidence of the beneficiaries.
  1. We are proud to have completed hundreds of successful projects in digital transformation within the Kingdom and abroad.
  2. +60 consultants and experts provide support to you in various areas of digital transformation, cybersecurity, and quality standards (ISO).
  3. We have a department specialized in developing software and digital platforms and designing a distinctive user experience that achieves the highest levels of satisfaction.
  4. A specialized team for digital testing operations and vulnerability examination is ready to test and examine all of your digital platforms.
  5. RMG has a distinguished business balance in providing services that support the measurement processes supervised by the Digital Government Authority, including digital transformation measurement.
  6. A support department works around the clock 24/7 to meet your requests and respond to your inquiries.
  7. A specialized team to prepare and audit all documents required for measurement.

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