Charity Management System

Make your association operations easier and simpler with the charity management system and see the differences by yourself!

In the current era foundations and charities require integrated management solutions that eliminate paperwork and enhance productivity and efficiency by taking digital abilities advantage. That’s exactly what RMG’s Charity Management System does.

About Charity management System

An electronic system provides integrated solutions to manage all association operations, and digitalize their works with only one dashboard/ control panel; to increase productivity and efficiency.

The system involves all departments and sections in the charity: user management ( donors, beneficiaries, members, and volunteers), personnel management, resource management, and projects and donation program management, and providing detailed reports on the performance of the association, the status of the projects and employees.

Charity Management System Charity Management System Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

Charity Management System features

This system covers all basic features and functions required to operate a charity or non-profit organization. We mention some: 

  1. The ability to donate through the website with an electronic invoice for the donor, that includes the value of the donation,  invoice number, and tax number.
  2. Project management and e-donation.
  3. Managing donor’s communications and activities.
  4. Managing volunteer communications and activities.
  5. Issuing all reports and inquiries.
  6. Registrant/ renewal of membership.
  7. The system interface is an integrated website that is easy to modify and add (on the lists and pages).
  8. There is an Application Programming Interface (API) for SMS, online payments, and push Alerts.
  9. the system manager can manage the permissions and control over all users.
  10. The possibility of linking the system with the website and e-store.

The ability to donate as a visitor without the need to log in.

Charity management System modules

  • Project management and e-donation:

 provides an integrated project management system for donation, where the required value can be determined for each project, a chart to determine the proportion of completion of the project, and the possibility to follow the projects through a control panel and send an e-invoice to the donor.

  • Member database:

The system provides a database enabling association members to register on the association’s website, make online payments, and track payments and the date of the end of the membership, with membership being easily renewed online.

  • Beneficiary database:

There is a complete and inclusive database of all association’s beneficiaries and has the possibility of adding new beneficiaries by entering their names directly into the system or importing through an excel file, and the beneficiary can also log in from his account to follow, edit, and upload the required documents on his account.

  • Issuing and extracting reports:

Charity Management System provides the possibility of issuing a detailed report about employee’s performance, in addition to extracting payment reports about the payment made from the site, and also allows the possibility to share electronic reports between sectors.

  • Task management:

The task management system allows the possibility to predict, assign, adding and track tasks to determine priorities and its due date, and it also provides the features of commenting on the task and attaching files in the comment.

  • Questionnaires:

To request, gather, extract information from the subject of research, and the system allows the possibility of exporting the questionnaire results to PDF, and excel, And it provides the feature of displaying the results of the questionnaires in the form of charts.

  • Employee review/ appraisal: 

A system based on scientific bases for evaluating employees mainly consists of a set of goals and competencies assigned in certain proportions for each employee for a specific period, and it also provides the feature of issuing detailed reports about employees appraisal for a مspecific period in the form of charts.

  • Key Performance Indicators management:

A way of measuring the performance of business units, projects, or individuals against strategic goals set by management.

  • SMS alerts:

A system for alerting members before membership ends and section managers with monthly follow-up and staff assessments, in addition to sending electronic bills for all donors.

  • Permissions management system:

Charity management system equipped with a system to manage the permissions that enable the system manager to determine specific permission for each user.

RMG’s charity Management System is your best choice

  • Special and exclusive features to pursuit with the organization’s efforts and goals. 
  • Comprehensive Management: Every organization: regardless of how it works, requests a complete administrative solution for canceling the paperwork and enhancing productivity. That’s exactly what this system does. 
  • Simple and easy to use: Charity Management System is very simple and easy. We’ve worked to ensure that users don’t make great lengths to adapt to the functionality and features of the system. we understand that operations in the associations must be quick and easy.
  • One-click, one dashboard: Everything in the system is just one click away: from accepting donations to sending receipts And assigning tasks. All operations are just one click away.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The system is easy to use, manage, and maintain.
  • Special and exclusive features to fit/ match your organization’s efforts and goals.
  • A completely administrative solution to ending paperwork and enchasing productivity.
  • Everything in the system is just a click away, from accepting donations to sending receipts. All operations are just one click away.
  • And more.. contact us to know more.

Yes, You will get free maintenance and support for the first 6 months after purchase and we also provide consultations and advice to make the system more effective in your charity. We care about our clients to make them satisfied.

For all charities, no matter their size, are using the system to fit their needs.

No, you don’t need to make any effort, our team will do everything from customizing the system to adding pages and menus that you need to the website.

No, the charity management system is very simple and easy to use. We have worked to make sure that our users will not make a hard effort to adapt with the system’s functions and features. We understand that charity operations have to be quick and easy.

Our team will provide you special explanations in different Ways and Means to train and sensitize society’s staff to the system.

The charity’s management system provides an integrated system for managing, storing, and assigning tasks. And when the people’s roles and responsibilities in the charities are clearly obvious, it involves the councilmember role and Staff, volunteer, and member roles, then you have been fulfilled one of the governance conditions.