ISO 38500 – Information Technology Governance System

A system consists of a set of guidelines that assist the administrative bodies of organizations (whether these bodies are executives, owners, or partners) to have an effective, efficient, and acceptable use of information technology.
The main purpose of IT governance is to stimulate the effective and efficient use of information technology in all organizations.

The IT governance system is very important for large and global companies with the intent to avoid problems that can threaten the existence of the company or the company’s information.
Therefore, information technology has to be governed, and company managers must be familiar with it and with the rapid digital development the world experiences.

The world is no longer dependent on papers and documents. Rather, corporate systems have become digital systems that must be preserved and protected from cyber-attacks and intrusions.

Companies must know the cybersecurity system, and how to secure their information, and in the event of a lack of knowledge in information technology, the consequence will be:

  • Exposure of companies and institutions to electronic penetration or data leakage.
  • The collapse of companies and institutions due to lack of knowledge of modern technology.
  •  The excellence of other companies and subside of the company within a specific range.

This system assists to achieve the following benefits:

  • Meet the business needs of the organization through planning, designing, developing, deploying, operating, managing, and applying information technology.
  • Ensure overall compliance with legislation.
  • Defining responsibilities for all IT personnel.
  •  Ensure the perfect application of the COBIT frame.
  • Prepare and implement plans and policies for the use of information
    technology while monitoring compliance with these policies and evaluate
    performance of these plans.
  • Ensure achievement of the expected results for every investment in
    information technology.