ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

ISO 22000 standard is designed to make a global scale for food safety within the food chain. An (FSMS) based on ISO 22000 standard will help organizations fulfill any applicable food safety regulations in any country. Doing that, the organization will become able to show its customers that it applies effective food safety measures. The ISO 22000 standardization is applicable for any organization in the food chain. ISO 22000 certified organizations can enjoy increasing confidence from customers which will lead to an increase in profit. Food safety management system can govern the whole process of producing food to guarantee the safety of the final product before consuming.

Steps of implementing ISO 22000

  • Planning and designing a management system
  • Establishing a traceability system for identification of product
  • Provide training and awareness sessions for staff
  • Implement (FSMS) procedures and processes
  • Operate the (FSMS); measure and keep records
  • Maintaining records of the performance of the system
  • Perform internal audits
  • Prepare staff to pass external audit
  • Get the accreditation

Benefits of ISO 22000 for your business

  • Consistently provide safe food, products and services that meet requirements.
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Global recognition as a reputable supplier
  • Legal compliance
  • Ability to win more business
  • Better management of resources
  • Reduced risk of insurance payments
  • Sustainable food safety performance
  • Competitive advantage in the marketplace

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