Digital Transformation Strategy Program


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Digital Transformation Strategy Program

General objective

The program aims to enable trainees to design and develop a flexible and applicable strategy by employing modern best practices in the development process.

Training topics

  • Learn about the concept of digital strategic planning
  • Strategic planning tools
  • Methods for assessing digital maturity
  • Digital transformation strategy life cycle
  • Learn about the concept of benchmarking
  • Components of the strategic dimension
  • Digital transformation axes
  • Components of the executive dimension
  • Methods for developing goals and performance indicators
  • Digital transformation strategy governance
  • Mechanisms for monitoring implementation and controlling performance

Target Audience

The Target Audience for this training program usually includes:

  1. Executive Managers
  2. Heads of Departments
  3. Technical Managers and Professionals working in the field of digital transformation and information technology
  4. Digital Transformation Committees and Teams
  5. Information Technology Experts involved in digital transformation initiatives

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