Technical Tools

We don’t just provide theoretical plans. Rather, we work with your team to design, implement and operate it within the work environment in this way your team possesses the necessary skills to continue construction once our work is completed.

Now after adopting the digital transformation strategy commensurate with the origin, it is necessary to move to the stage of building the digital space where the process of building the digital workspace takes place. Evaluate measures such as your ability to implement, your use of automation, and multi-channel sharing. And to measure every aspect of digital maturity within the organization and work on it simultaneously or asynchronously according to the different factors that draw the status of each facility.

Digital Workspace Design and Development Service

Many organizations are keen to transfer their work to digital workspaces. Initially, the goal was to pool applications, cloud services, sharing tools, and company files into one platform. Today, however, digital workspaces are smarter and are not only considered integral. Therefore, Renad Almjed Group Consulting team works to help organizations develop a digital debugger that provides:

  • An easy and practical user experience.
  • A digital work environment that includes modern tools that ensure enabling creative work.
  • Participatory linking between different stakeholders (employees, customers and suppliers).
  • Higher levels of productivity.
  • Lower costs.

What are the expected results after developing digital workspaces?

The positive results resulting from the development of digital workspaces and intersect with the heart of digital transformation, which were previously explained on the Digital Transformation Consulting page, can be summarized as follows:

  • Digital empowerment of employees and activation of more digital self-services.
  • Achieve higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Strengthening the culture of cooperation within organizations and companies.
  • Easy access to information for management personnel.
  • Greater ability to protect information assets.
  • Annual revenue growth.
  • Cost saving and remote work support.
  • Enable decision making based on reports, illustrations, and charts.
  • Digital intercourse can expand and add new services without affecting existing services or systems.
  • Improve the customer experience.

What are the advantages of the methodology used to build digital workspaces?

During the past years, our team worked on developing a work methodology characterized by:

  • Focus on value
  • Focus on raised
  • Study and analyze all options according to the nature of the work of each sector.
  • Focus on overall vision.

Where does the digital workspaces start?

Initially we are working on an assessment of digital maturity as a deep study process is conducted in several functional areas. This step aims to determine the appropriate digital path.

What is the Digital Transformation Office?

In medium and large establishments, we recommend the establishment of a digital transformation office, an office that operates from the strategic level to the operational level to achieve the approved digital transformation strategy and commitment to the road map through the application  of the implementation plan within a specific time frame relying on available financial and human resources with attention to directing all efforts towards the goals of digital transformation And staying on the right track as it contributes to:

  • Spreading digital knowledge
  • And drive cooperation among all stakeholders
  • And building internal bridges with managers of different departments within the institution
  • Enabling digital initiatives by providing training, guidance and necessary direction

Reducing change resistance levels to reduce complications and side effects.

Is there a technical tool or a single technical solution that helps build digital spaces?

In fact, there is no unified magic recipe from one company that provides the necessary tools and platforms and during our work in this field we adopted the principle of neutrality in dealing with providers of technical solutions where we work with the final beneficiary to build a matrix of options to help him choose the appropriate partner for him according to several determinants and factors.

As a consulting company, we are always looking for a technical service provider that has real success experiences and value-added output. For example, Pega Systems’ experience is one of the most interesting experiences. The PEGA Infinity Digital Transformation Suite provides a wide range of use cases, from simple to relatively complex.

Powered by artificial intelligence and automation.

It provides a platform for developing low cost web systems and smart applications by quickly creating and developing applications to meet customer and employee needs and enables the rapid deployment and rapid change of applications to meet changing business needs.