RMG Board of Directors

Abdul Karim Bin Abdul Rahman Bin Hassan Bin Muharib

General Manager

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University, a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Riyadh College of Technology, and also holds information technology infrastructure library certificate from the fellowship of the British international register of certificated auditors (IRCA) and the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI).

  • Since 2011, Mr. Abdul Kareem Abdul Rahman Ben Hassan Bin muharib holds the director manager position in Renad Almajed for an information technology company (RMG).
  • And he is the manager director of Technology Group Corporation for information technology, in addition, he is a founding partner (Co-partner) to Total Quality Solutions Co, and a strategic partner of Green Energy Association, also he was appointed as a president of the first Saudi Digital Transformation and Blockchain Forum, and a president of the Saudi forum for Technology Services Management.

Also is a co-founder of medjobs for Health careers platform and the Co-founder of one E-mail for retail sector platform.

Mr. Abdul Karim had previously held many administrative and leadership positions in many agencies in the private and banking sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he has over 15 year’s experience in business management and marketing.

Fayyad Bayan

Chief Executive Officer CEO

He holds a Master’s degree in Computer and Communication Engineering, and he’s in preparation for a Decorate’s degree, with 15 years of experience in many countries around the areas, he was a consultant for several parties inside and outside the Kingdom in the fields of governance, digital transformation, service management, information security, business continuity management, quality system management, computer and information technology and project management.

  • He holds several professional certificates in several fields, such as digital transformation, corporate governance of information technology, technical service management, project management, quality system management, information security, Computer networks management, and computer systems, such as:

COBIT, ITIL Expert, ITIL 4 MP, ISO Lead Auditor, Prince 2


  • An international trainer certified by several parties and the global companies, such as PECB, Microsoft, and people Cert, and he had trained more than 3000 trainees in countries like Germany, France, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Kuwait, Syria, and Lebanon. By using three languages Arabic, English, and French, he’s also an international auditor certified by the British Institute of Auditor and Quality Internet register of certified auditors.
  • He is a co-founder and general manager of Total Quality Solution Co, and co-founder of One E-mail platform for the retailer sector.
  • He’s also was appointed as a Vice president of the Saudi digital transformation and blockchain Forum, and Vice president of the Saudi forum for Technical Services Management.

Nasser El-Hout

A digital transformation and information technology governance expert

He holds several professional certificates in the fields of governance, information digital transformation, Technical Services Management, Project Management, and Quality system management.

One of the fewest experts in digital transformation, and information technology governance field, and he has many successful applications experiences in a large number of countries in the region and the world.

He holds a Computer Engineering certificate and a Master’s degree in executive management.

He was a certified trainer by several global parties, such as PEOPLECERT, APMG, and PECB, and during his career journey of more than 20 years experience, he trained more than 4000 trainees.

He is distinguished by his extensive practical experience, where he provided consultations for several sectors in several countries around the world.

Tarek Shahada

A certified quality Assessor by IRCA

He holds a Master’s degree in Quality Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree and Management and economics.

Approved parties as:

  • A Quality Assessor certified by IRCA.
  • A senior practitioner of business continuity and risk management system from MRT.

Most experiences

  • Provide consultations to quality several institutes to comply with the requirements of international standards.
  • Establish the standard performance indicators for a number of government and private agencies.
  • Establish the business continuity strategy for similar vital facilities.
  • Changing the culture of dealing with risks for supervisory levels, and second and third-tier leaders in several regional facilities.