Certified Digital Transformation Specialist Course

Introduction to the basics of digital transformation

Digital transformation is defined as the process of transitioning government sectors or companies into a business model that uses digital technologies to innovate products and services, and to provide new channels of revenue that increase the value of their products.

As the amazing development in devices, machines and smart systems and the emergence of digital transformation technology will lead to shortening time, reducing costs and achieving greater flexibility and efficiency in the production process and a large capacity in data processing and industrial intelligence, these developments will undoubtedly widen the scope of development and change and the occurrence of unprecedented transformations in the economy And the labor market and the industrial sector, where the digital transformation represents one of the most important drivers and incentives for growth in major companies, which imposes on companies a crucial race to develop innovative solutions, ensuring their continuity in the circle of competition.

General training program objectives

  • Provide the trainee with the digital transformation (Definition, motivation, challenges, basic features and benefits).
  • Provide the trainee with the information and skills necessary to build a digital transformation strategy.
  • Enable the trainee to perform digital transformation test