About About Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
About About Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
About About Renad Almjed Group (RMG)

About RMG

RMG is a pioneer Saudi company for IT services, consultation and specialized training. Our services are offered by qualified experts and consultants. The company has a distinguished record of achievements inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and adopt continuous improvement methodology.

RMG is always open to establish strategic relationships with customers from public and private sectors, and succeeded to gain the confidence of many customers to carry out unique and very important projects.
RMG works in harmony with Saudi Vision 2030 to build a prosperous economy for an ambitious country and society by fostering the culture of distinction in private and public sectors.


General Manager
AbdulKareem BinMuharib


About About Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
About About Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
About About Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
About About Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
About About Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
Continual improvement
About About Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
Provide innovative and technical solutions that contribute to the development of business environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Develop an environment of creativity and distinction to become the best provider of consultation, training and technical services in Saudi Arabia.
Our Team

Your Strategic partner for Your Thriving Business
RMG offers its customers many products, services and solutions covering the entire ICT field.
Sultan Abdul Aziz Al Zuwaid
Sultan Abdul Aziz Al ZuwaidProject Manager at GCCIP
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Understanding business management needs, and the flexibility shown by RMG make it a perfect choice for us. During the twenty years of my professional career I contracted with many local and international companies, but I found in RMG the spirit of enthusiasm and creativity what qualifies it to be at the forefront of information technology companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I thank the RMG team for their success, and I am sure we will meet again, God willing.
Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Dawood
Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-DawoodDirector General of the Academy of Management Experts
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As General Manager I have worked with a large number of companies in Saudi Arabia, and RMG was one of them because of their exibility and transparency. RMG team was always ready to help, support and solve problems.
Fahad Bin Nasser Al Aboud
Fahad Bin Nasser Al AboudDirector General of Computer and Information Technology at the General Establishment for Military Industries
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We sincerely thank you for your eorts and their imprint on the development project. We thank your team for what he did in work and support with our best wishes
Dr. Hani Mohammed Al-Zayed
Dr. Hani Mohammed Al-ZayedHead of Information Oce in the Saudi Shura Council
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We are pleased to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your eorts that have led the project to success, and we also pay tribute to your ambition to pursue modern information and technology technologies.