ISO 27017 certification consulting


Do you want to comply with the ISO standard and obtain an ISO 27017 certification in Information Technology Security Control related to Cloud Services?

In the present, most organizations use cloud computing techniques to increase their process speed and accuracy, to support work continuation, and the ability of future explanation, but on the other hand, this makes it more vulnerable to illegal information threats.

Cloud solutions aren’t just a technique, you can’t by easy decision enter it in your institution, but it is deemed as a strategic challenge for every organization. Increasing the customer interest in cloud security before buying the service leads to increasing the interest of cloud services providers in applying the best security practices.

So, how can you continue to provide cloud services while keeping the customer confident in your ability to secure and ensure their data? This where ISO 27017 standard comes into play.

What is ISO 27017 certification ?

ISO/ IEC 27017 its security control standard was developed in 2015 by International Organization for Standardization ISO and International Electronically Commission IEC for cloud services providers and customers to enhance the security of cloud computing and reduce its risks of organizations, and it is part of the group of security standards ISO/IEC 27000, g8ves guidelines for best information security administration practices.

ISO 27 017 it’s a group of guidelines and practices aimed to help cloud services customers and providers for secure and effective cloud service operations to protect them and their information from cyber threats.

This standard was developed best on Anne’s earlier standard ISO/IEC 27002, To add more security controls related to the cloud mentioned in an earlier standard.

ISO/IEC 27017 specifies the roles and responsibilities of cloud services providers and customers to help make secure cloud services.

The standard includes 37 controls from ISO/IEC 27002 and 7 exclusive controls, which is:

  • The roles and responsibilities in the cloud computing environment.
  • Transfer and retrieval of customer information upon termination of the contract policies.
  • Protect the cloud distance and separates it from other customer data.
  • Requirements to meet business needs.
  • Administrator processes and procedures that are associated with the cloud computing environment.
  • Enables customers to monitor activities within their cloud computing environment.
  • harmonization of virtual and physical security management.

Benefits of ISO/ IEC 27017:

  1. Increase customer and stakeholder confidence and gain competitive advantage: It’s important to make your customers feel that your organization works proactively to repair every point in the information technology sector to ensure their data is secure. According to this, you can be superior to Your competitors, and it gives you a competitive advantage.
  2. Develop a long-term investment strategy by adhering to the guidelines of ISO 27017: you reduce the risk of damage to the brand; this will encourage the potential investors to look at you as a responsible partner.
  3. Reduce The risk of damage two the brand
  4. Comply with national and international regulatory legislation, which reduces the risk of regulatory fines and penalties related to information and privacy.
  5. Guarantee of defining, evaluating, and managing the cloud services risk effectively and proactively.
  6. Defining the security roles and responsibilities that fall on both the cloud services providers and their customers.
  7. You will be qualified to work on large projects by meeting the requirements of tenders and bids.
  8. Implementation of ISO 27017 guarantees that your organization’s cloud storage solutions are optimized in terms of security setting and protection protocols to ensure that you are using a secure system.

Why is ISO/IEC 27017 certification important?

Information Security related to the cloud services issue is an important topic and has a large part of the decision-making process adopted in organizations and companies, according to the report published in 2015by the Cloud Security Alliance, 73% of those working in Information Technology Management believes that the biggest obstacle in cloud computing project is Information Security where customers want to be sure that their data is safe.

effective and proactive improvement effectively and proactively ISO/ IEC 27017 provides the organization with a unified framework for establishing a cloud security system, when the requirements are understood, the organization will be able to reduce operational and brand risks and ensure business continuity.

ISO 27 017 infrastructure

IS 027017 2015 involves eighteen sectors in addition to an appendix, which its:

  1. Scope of the standard.
  2. Normative References.
  3. Definitions and abbreviations.
  4. Cloud computing sector concepts.
  5. Information Security policies.
  6. Information Security Management.
  7. Human Resources Security Management.
  8. Asset Management.
  9. Access permissions.
  1. Cryptography.
  2. Physical and environmental security.
  3. Operations security.
  4. Communication security.
  5. Implementation, development, and improvement of cloud security management systems.
  6. Supplier’s relationships management.
  7. Information security incident and management.
  8. Information security aspects of business continuity management.
  9. Compliance.

The global cloud service implementing ISO 27017:

Some global expanded cloud services that implementing the standard:

  • Cisco WebEx.
  • Google cloud platform.
  • Amazon Services.
  • Autanix Xi cloud

How can Renad Al Majd for Information Technology (RMG) help you?

Renad Al Majd company is considered one of the first companies to successfully implement the ISO 27017 standard until obtain the ISO 2717 certification and introduce it to the facilities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Where it offers a distinct set of services:

  1. Make a gap analysis to help identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and provide appropriate recommendations.
  2. Provide ISO 27017 consultations- we have a team consisting of+60 consultants and experts in different fields to help you implement and apply ISO 27017 standards.
  3. Make Internal Audit Processes- we can help you to plan and make Internal Audit Processes to check on your compliance to ISO 27017 standard.
  4. Designing and implementing security controls and policies: this stage includes formulating policies that can implement and provide appropriate support.
  5. We can provide support during external audit operations conducted by certification bodies.
  6. Rehabilitation and recruitment services for security cadres and establishing electronic security departments and offices.
  7. Providing awareness sessions and training courses
  8. Providing awareness sessions and training courses on cloud security; To transfer the knowledge and enhance the skills of employees.
  9. Insulation and commissioning of security solutions (physical and electronic).
  10. Formulate an appropriate response methodology and set up a system for reporting security incidents related to cloud services.

Why choose Renad Al Majd for Information Technology (RMG) company?

  1. When you request the services of RMG company, you will have the opportunity to benefit from +60 consultants and experts in the fields of cybersecurity, information technology, and international quality standards.
  2. The company is characterized by flexibility, the accuracy of implementation, and rapid results; Being aware of the deep dimensions of the axes and indicators contained in the document.
  3. We have expert working teams in the areas of penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and gap analysis.
  4. We have long experience in different business sectors, such as retail, healthcare, industry, education, and service sectors.
  5. Because security incidents need a quick reaction, we have a support center that works continuously (24 / 7); To be able to provide appropriate support at all times without interruption.
  6. Our work is based on the principle of transparency first, as we provide detailed work plans before we start implementing the project.
  7. We are committed – during all phases of project implementation – to all applicable regulations and rules in the Kingdom about safety, health, effectively and proactively, and the environment.
  8. We have a project management office that does all project coordination and supervision.

            Finally, remember that whether you are a cloud provider or user, you have real responsibilities, and it is your responsibility to ensure that security best practices are implemented to keep the cloud secure. By adopting the ISO / IEC 27017 standard as a reference, you can protect your organization in the best possible way. CONTACT US NOW!