Backup & Disaster Recovery

It happens and nearly everyone has faced a problem with losing data. It just becomes more complicated when it happens for a company, in that case, thousands of dollars could be lost, operations could be delayed and the confidence of the customers will be shaken. Of course, no company would choose to put itself in that situation, but it happens because the importance of having a reliable backup system is not realized until unfortunately, the disaster happens.

Losing data is due to many reasons:

– Deleting files accidentally

– Viruses and damaging malware

– Hardware damages or Fire accidents

– Power failures

– Hacking attacks

RMG’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution:

RMG will protect the business continuity and establish Data Backup and Disaster Recovery System to protect the company’s emails, policies & procedures, payroll, orders, supplier details, and many other important digital documents.

Our team of certified engineers will understand the company work and backup requirements to provide support and consultations by:

– Identifying the critical data that needs to be backed up

– Implementing backup of the data on a regular schedule

– Choose cloud or hard drive backup

– Choose onsite or offsite locations for backup

The measures we provide guarantee the safety of the digital documents and allow access to them whenever and wherever needed. All these perks are achieved by daily backup running smoothly in the background.

The technology we use:

RMG’s Managed Backup Solution is specially made to guarantee security, performance and scalability issues to your business:
– Data encryption

– Optional long-term archiving with tape-based backups

– Live database backups for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server

– Daily performance reporting

– Optional off-site replication at one or more of our secure facilities or to an additional remote facility.

– Direct Attached Storage solutions.

– Dedicated storage area network

– Disaster Prevention Diagnostics

– Hardware replacement

Why RMG?

– Microsoft Office 365 allows access to files from any Office enabled device

– Maintain business continuity

– Instant access to recovered files

– Reduce business losses

– Peace of mind

Boost digital transformation with a powerful backup and recovery system:

It is time now to achieve transformation goals by applying a simple cost-effective and modern approach to protect data and restore it anywhere it’s needed. For a free consultation contact us.