E-voting management system

E-voting: Electronic Voting Management system

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The Electronic Voting Management System provides a secure online platform that enables companies to conduct and manage shareholder meetings, invite remote attendance, and perform all assembly and voting procedures on the agenda items and candidates electronically over the internet.

Moreover, candidates can delegate voting rights to another person for agenda items.

 The system facilitates the organization and management of board meetings and enables the division of shareholder assemblies and board meetings into different sessions.

Make engaging with your shareholders easier than ever before with the e-voting System.

What does the Electronic Innovation Voice (electronic voting) system offer?

  • The e-voting management system provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by many shareholder companies when conducting traditional shareholder meetings, managing attendance, and accurately reporting voting results.
  • The significance of the e-voting management system lies in its ability to streamline the entire process, bridging the gap between the company and its shareholders. It transforms the voting process from its traditional format to remote electronic voting, eliminating the necessity for shareholders to be physically present at the meeting venue. All procedures are conducted entirely through electronic means. This includes preparing meeting data, announcing the meeting, registering shareholder attendance, managing the voting process, announcing results, and generating final reports.
  • Moreover, the e-voting system enables the organization and management of board meetings.
  • It allows for the addition of resolutions during meetings, the announcement of results, and reporting.
  • The system also enables the division of shareholder meetings and board meetings into distinct compartments or boxes.
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The electronic voting management system's (E-voting) features and benefits include:

  • Secure Electronic Access for Shareholders
  • Displaying Shareholder Data on the Screen
  • Guided Steps for Completing Voting on All Agenda Items
  • Ensuring the company, shareholders, and authorities about the accuracy and validity of votes
  • Comprehensive remote voting on all General Assembly agendas
  • Access for Shareholders to the Explanation of Assembly Agendas and Downloadable Files
  • Printing of voting cards for shareholders
  • ability to exclude one or more shareholders from voting on specific items.
  • Control over Enabling Items for Voting
  • Voting for Board Membership Candidates (Cumulative Voting)
  • Conducting two assemblies simultaneously
  • mobile voting capability.
  • Easily accessible and reviewable voting results in various formats
  • User-Friendly System Interface
  • Ability for Candidates to Grant Voting Delegation to Others
  • Nomination of Board Meeting Schedules
  • Division of Shareholder Assemblies and Board Meetings into Sections or Boxes

The general components of the system:

  • Shareholder Management:

Registration of shareholder data, shares, and their corresponding votes

  • Association Management:

Adding various types of meetings (ordinary, general, and extraordinary) and their agenda items

Defining which agenda items are open for voting and which are not

Providing mechanisms to exclude shareholders from voting on specific agenda items

  • Candidate Management:

Adding candidate information along with qualifications and resumes.

  • Shareholder Voting Management:

Starting electronic voting from the date of the shareholder meeting announcement.

Sending SMS messages to shareholders to access the system for voting.

Secure login process using personal data and a secret code for authentication.

Allowing shareholders to view and vote on agenda items and appoint a proxy voter.

  • Monitoring Shareholder Votes:

Enabling shareholders to review candidate data and allocate votes.

System calculation of allocated and remaining votes per shareholder to remind them during the voting process.

E-voting: Electronic Voting Management system
  • Board Management:

Adding board members, scheduling meetings, adding agenda items, and optional resolution inclusion.

Announcing meeting results and generating final reports.

  • Fund Management:

Adding, dividing, and managing multiple funds, including shareholder assemblies and board meetings.

Announcing final results and reports.

Voting Cards:

Providing each shareholder with a unique electronic voting card displaying their details and voting information.

Dashboard and Reports:

Admin control panel for system settings.

Comprehensive graphical reports on shareholder attendance, voting outcomes, agenda item votes, and candidate voting.

These components collectively facilitate efficient and transparent electronic voting and management of shareholder-related activities.

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