E-voting Management System

The electronic voting management system provides a secure electronic platform that enables companies to hold and manage shareholder societies, invite and manage their attendance remotely, with all procedures being held and voting on agenda items and candidates electronically via the Internet.

What does the system offer?

Many joint-stock companies suffer from the traditional management of holding societies, managing the attendance and voting of shareholders, and produce accurate final reports on voting results.

Hence the importance of the electronic voting management system that provides full treatment of this suffering between the company and its shareholders, so that the voting process will shift from the traditional form to remote electronic voting, so that the shareholder himself does not need to be present inside the assembly headquarters, but all procedures are done in a complete electronic manner , From preparing and announcing the association’s data to entering and recording the attendance of shareholders, then managing the voting process and announcing the results and final reports.

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System properties and features

  • Secure e-entry for shareholders.
  • Display the shareholder data in front of him on the screen.
  • Explain the steps to be taken until voting on all items ends.
  • Guarantee of the joint stock company and the guarantee of its shareholders and official bodies on the validity and accuracy of the vote.
  • The comprehensiveness of voting on all items of general assemblies remotely.
  • The ability of the shareholder to explain the items on the association’s agenda and download files.
  • The shareholder can print the voting card.
  • The possibility of excluding the concerned person from voting on the relevant items.
  • The possibility of voting for candidates for membership in the Board of Directors (cumulative vote).
  • The possibility of holding two assemblies at the same time.
  • The ability to vote on mobile.
  • Easily obtain voting results and multiple formats for display and review.
  • Ease of use of the system.
E-voting management system

General components of the system

Shareholder Management

Record the data of all the shareholders, the number of shares and the number of votes per share.

Association management

Adding association data of its various types (ordinary general assembly / extraordinary general assembly) and adding the agenda items of the association, determining what is available for voting from the association’s items and what is not available for voting, and it provides a mechanism to exclude one or more contributor votes on one or more agenda items Assembly works.

Management of candidates

Add data for each candidate with a file to describe their qualifications and CVs. 

Managing shareholder voting

The electronic voting process starts from the date of inviting the shareholders to attend the association on the announced date of the assembly.

When the electronic voting door is opened, SMS messages are sent to each shareholder to enter the system and start voting on the agenda items

The entry of the shareholder into the system requires entering his personal data as a first stage and then the secret code to enter as a second stage to ensure the security of the shareholders’ entry into the system.

The shareholder can review the association available for voting electronically, review the association’s agenda items and vote on each item.

It can also review the data of the candidates and grant them votes, provided that the system calculates the number of votes granted and the number of votes remaining for each shareholder and the percentage of each of them in the total number of votes and shares, to ensure that the shareholder is reminded of the number of votes granted and remaining when the voting process is conducted.

Voting cards

Each shareholder has their own electronic voting card, with a unique number for that card. The voting card displays the shareholder’s information and voting information.

Control panel and reports

The system provides a control panel to manage the entire system settings, and provides comprehensive and detailed reports in forms and graphs about the attendance of shareholders and the result of voting, as well as final reports to vote on agenda items and vote on candidates.