RMG Automation Systems

Business Process Management System

An integrated solution that allows sending and receiving different types of correspondences and carries complex documents such as text, image, audio, video, etc. It tracks and monitors all correspondence requests starting when they are generated till the case is closed, which provides increased control over all the communications in the organization.

It makes the organization completely paperless and improves work productivity within and among the departments. Also, it is suitable in most sectors, Government, Industrial, Financial, Commercial….

This system is capable of creating a complex open workflow with different admin & user-assigned access and security permissions in line with the organization’s rules guidelines and regulations. All correspondences are saved and secured and can be easily retrieved, monitored, reviewed, audited and reported, in graphical status, and notifications.  It also includes advanced search capabilities and fast retrieval. The system supports multi branches integration.

Based on .NET, Arabic/English, Web-based, and IOS/Android ready.

Universal Capture & Document Management System:

Our Archiving and DMS solution create a paperless environment that enhances performance, space, and time. It allows users to capture, index, version, organize, annotate, release, archive, and easily retrieve and manage different documents with images and electronic files (Excel, Word, PDF, …).

The main features are of the system:  Check-in / check-out, Versioning, and action Logs of all history.

Also, permissions are user defined some of which are: Access / View /Read / Edit / Delete / restore / search / print / download….

User customizable metadata indexing forms. System data is secured through user authentication and privileges. Capable of batch scanning, review, enhance and recapture documents. Powerful search criteria through Fields, Simple and Advanced search forms, and fast results retrieval and reports creating.

Based on .NET, Web-based, and Arabic/English.

Universal Business Process Management System:RMG Automation Systems

Provides a comprehensive solution that helps you efficiently design, automate, develop, and integrate your organization processes into a specific form workflow. Our Workflow solution is simple to use, customizable, flexible, and intelligent.

The system has an array of capabilities to empower you to automate and manage all processes and functions in your organization; such as Recruitment, Personnel, Health Management, Training requests, Appraisal, Time Administration, and much more.

The highly flexible Designer which builds and automate process makes you achieve high security, time-saving, and higher performance. It also makes you fully track the actions through a tabular and graphical interface.

Based on .NET, Arabic/English, and Web-based.

Knowledge Bank Software:

It is a central information dashboard user-updated with related industry knowledge among the organization, which provides users with trusted sources.

KB Helps your organization share information among employees and visitors through the public portal with a high-grade searchable, customizable system. Substantially improving staff productivity and reducing the time your staff spends searching for trusted information across multiple information sources.

It is a central reference for feeding, crawling, indexing, searching, and viewing data from internal or external sources; like articles, news, media libraries, history, glossaries, statistics, social media, and web sites crawling. All this information deposited into the bank, indexed, stored, and searchable.

Based on .NET, Arabic/English, Web based.