ISO 17100 Translation Services System

This International Standard specifies the requirements for functioning core procedures for translation process and other necessary resources required to edit and provide a distinguished quality translation service that matches the applied specifications.
Where this application also provides how a translation service provider can demonstrate the conformity of the provided translation services to the requirements of international standards, as well as the ability of his operations and resources to provide a translation service that matches the specifications desired by the customer.

Human resources: such as translators, auditors, professional reviewers, language auditors and project managers.
Technical and technological resources: such as technical equipment.

  • Completion of translation projects sufficiently and efficiently.
  • Dealing with all data and documents
  • Store, retrieve, an archive of translated projections, and dispose of them confidentially and safely
  • Assisting to use appropriate means of communication
  • Maintaining the various sources of information and Medias.
  • The application of best technology tools for translation beside correct use of international terms that raise the level of projects implemented.
  • Use of language resource systems related to written translation.