Corporate Governance Management

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is considered an essential element in the success and sustainability of organizations, as organizations need to develop plans and strategies for effective governance to improve performance and maintain the trust of employees and customers

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What is corporate governance?

  • Corporate governance refers to the set of policies, procedures and decision-making processes that guide how an organization is managed and controlled.
  • It also involves all aspects of an organization and its management including its strategy, operations, performance, risk management and compliance.
  • It includes shared responsibility between management, shareholders, employees, and external parties in order to achieve specific goals and business continuity.
Corporate Governance Management Corporate Governance Management Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

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Effective governance requires an organized and integrated governance management

Definition of corporate governance management:

It is the process of organizing and coordinating processes related to the application of corporate governance practices in the entity, by providing an effective framework to achieve the specified goals in a transparent and responsible manner.

Corporate Governance Management Corporate Governance Management Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

What are the benefits of governance management?

  1. Increasing trust: Governance management in organizations helps increase the level of trust of employees and customers by achieving transparency and providing a stable work environment
  2. Achieving goals: It helps achieve the organization’s specific goals effectively and sustainably by providing an organized framework
  3. Improving performance: Governance management in institutions helps improve performance in general by effectively defining responsibilities, distributing authorities, applying performance and quality standards, and regularly evaluating them
  4. Providing stability: It also helps in providing a stable work environment suitable for the organization by achieving financial and institutional stability

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The steps RMG helps you towards effective governance management

Define management responsibilities

Ensure operations compliance with local and international standards and regulations

Developing internal policies and procedures for the organization

Evaluating and reviewing the used governance practices to update and improve them

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