CMMI model consulting

What is CMMI model? What benefits does it offer?

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI model) was developed in the first place for the US Department of Defense to ensure the quality and capability of their software. After that, the new technology found its way not only to other software companies, but to any enterprise in any industry that wants to build, measure and improve its capabilities and performance.

CMMI can be defined as a process approach and practices that help enterprises facilitate improvement and boost productivity in order to reduce risks in software development and lifecycle. CMMI model has been a success for around 25 years and helped large-scale enterprises around the world to achieve desired and impressive results.

It is clear now how beneficial is the implementation of CMMI in any enterprise to know its strength points, whether it is improving or not, evaluate the processes and determine if the products are as good as they should. Enterprises will also enjoy the following by implementing CMMI:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased satisfaction for customers.
  • Decreased risks.
  • Increased profit.

CMMI model Maturity Levels

The CMMI model combines multiple business maturity models into one framework. Our goal is to raise the organization up to level 5. In level 5 your company focus will be on maintenance and regular improvements only.

CMMI’s five Maturity Levels

CMMI’s five Maturity Levels are:

  • Initial: this level means that your business environment is an unpredictable with increased risk and inefficiency.
  • Managed: this level means that you planned, performed, measured and controlled your project management but you still have a lot to do.
  • Defined: at this level your organization provides the required standards, programs and portfolios to guide your projects.
  • Quantitatively managed: this level shows that your business work is measured, controlled and aligned with stakeholder needs.
  • Optimizing Quantitatively managed: this final level shows that your business is working with stable, flexible processes and response to changes or other opportunities in a predictable environment.

Our methodology for implementing CMMI model successfully 

  • Establish reasonable implementing goals
  • Seek complete support from upper management
  • Increase awareness of the importance of CMMI implementation for performance of the organization
  • Our experts are among the best in this field, they will ensure a successful implementation.
  • Come up with a clear idea of the current status of the organization’s documented processes.
  • Update or create new documentation -if needed- of the organization’s processes.
  • Prepare for and then perform the CMMI appraisal

Why we can be your best choice?

  • From the beginning to the end you will be aware of every step
  • We hire qualified experts who will help your enterprise achieve the desired results
  • By having a partnership with us you will witness new levels of improved performance and outstanding quality. contact us now.