Data Management Office

In the digital transformation and digitalization era, data is considered as one, if it is not the most important asset that your institution has. And to maintain these assets and take the most advantage of them: You need an appropriate administration to do it. When data isn’t organized and managed randomly, organizations may face penalties for non-compliance with regulations, and raise the inventory and data process cost, so do not take any advantage of it anyway.

According to the data major and important role, organizations take an obligation to implement the best practices and systems to manage data.

For this, institutions and companies invest in establishing a Data Management Office (DMO).

What’s the data management office (DMO)?

A data management office is an organization unit or entity such as a group, physical department, or virtual department within the organization, responsible for facilitating and coordinating data management and/ or supervising efforts and designing, developing, and updating a strategic plan, to manage data and compliance to the related national and the global policies and standards.

What’s the Data management office importances?

According to the massive amount of a data doubling of daily, The necessity of establishing a data management office is increasing. The statistic indicates that in 2021 the data management office had a major role in 75% of the operations and management of organizations and companies.

Data Management Office can help organizations to gain potential competitive features in the business field, that’s through improving Operational excellence/ effectiveness and enabling make better decisions, and consolidating these decisions with facts through data processing. And the organizations that have well-managed data also can be more flexible, this makes it possible to identify market trends and move more quickly to take advantage of new business opportunities.

DMO can help organizations to avoid data breaches, data privacy issues, and regulatory compliance problems that hurt the reputation of the organization, add unexpected costs, and expose it to legal accountability. 

Data Management Office tasks:

  • And implement a company-wide data strategy.
  • Data governance.
  • Development of data management infrastructure.
  • Save and destroy data based on the national data management office rules.
  • Securing and classifying dead.
  • Ensure that quality and usability.
  • Meet requirements for compliance with regularity policies and standards.
  • Provide reports and information about work performance to facilitate making decisions.
  •  Guarantee the coordination between that strategy and business strategy. 
  • Analyze and process data to obtain actionable insight.

How do we establish a Data Management Office?

Establishing Data Management Office requires:

  1. A leadership decision, desire, and commitment from organization leaders to rely on data as a fixed asset of the organization.
  2. Upgrading the skills level effectively within the (DMO) and the organization itself.
  3. Follow a comprehensive and agile methodology.
  4. Determine the organization’s appropriate measurement standards.
  5. Ability to make changes to the organization structure.

RMG’s services in establishing the Data Management Office field:

We have a steadfast faith that the future depends on data, and “ data is the new oil”, so we are working to provide inclusive services that help you in establishing a data management office within your facility, represented by:

  1. gap analysis.
  2. Develop the next strategy within an organization.
  3. Develop data governance policies.
  4. Create and implement the policies and procedures of gathering and analyzing data accurately
  5. Develop an operational plan of the data office and determine the required systems and tools to serve Data Management Office operational environment. 
  6. Design Data Management Office structure includes the major functions and roles and responsibilities. 
  7. Define the data management risks and problems and prepare reports and recommendations to solve it. 
  8. Help the organization to compliance with organizational obligations, standards, and policies.
  9. Provide periodic reports on the performance of the data office, and give advice and recommendations about the development opportunities to make progress of the provided services to beneficiary level.

Why do you choose Renad Almajed company?

  1. When you ask Renad AlMajed services, you are allowed to benefit from more than +60 experts and consultants in scientific data, information technology, and business development fields.
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  6. Our business is based on the transparency principle which we provide detailed plans before starting implementing the project. 
  7. In all project implementation stages, we are committed to all systems and procedures in the kingdom related to safety, health, and environment. 
  8. We have a project management office that makes every coordination and supervision project work.

The massive amount of data needs a strong organized unit to manage data management operations.

In Renad AlMajed for information technology (RMG) company, we have long years experience in data management, in addition to business, precedent includes our client’s successful results related to data management. So we understand establishing Data Management Office challenges.

With more than +60 experts and consultants in our team, we are confident in our ability to be partners in establishing a successful data office for your organization.