Standard (ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020)

Standard (ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020)

Information technology - Smart City ICT reference framework - Part 3: Smart City Engineering Framework

The future of smart cities relies heavily on secure and reliable ICT systems.

Let us assist you in creating these systems through our consultation services in ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020.

Smart cities are no longer just a vision; they have become a tangible reality that demands the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

 However, these cities heavily depend on advanced information and communication technology (ICT) systems.

 Given the complexity and sensitivity of these systems, ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020 comes to the forefront to provide a comprehensive engineering framework for such systems in smart cities.

ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020 is the cornerstone of smart cities.

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What is ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020?

It is an international standard that defines an engineering framework for information and communication technology (ICT) systems in smart cities. 

This framework offers an integrated structure for designing, developing, operating, and managing ICT systems in these cities.

The main goal of the standard is:

The standard aims to assist government entities in developing and operating ICT systems efficiently, securely, and reliably in smart cities.

Standard (ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020) Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

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What benefits does the standard offer to government entities?

Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness

The standard can help government entities enhance the performance of their ICT systems, contributing to the development of services provided to citizens. It does this by providing a comprehensive and applicable framework for designing, developing, operating, and managing these systems.

Enhancing Security

The standard can aid in safeguarding a government entity's ICT systems from risks by providing a set of practises and technologies that can be used to enhance security and reliability.

Improving Compliance

The standard assists government entities in complying with relevant laws and regulations by offering a compliance framework tailored to these laws and regulations. In general, government organisations can gain from adopting or widely implementing ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020.

Standard (ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020) Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG
Standard (ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020) Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

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Here are the advantages offered by RMG Consultancy in ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020:

Assisting in Achieving Smart City Goals

RMG Consultancy helps in achieving the objectives of a smart city.

Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of ICT Systems

They work on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of ICT systems.

Establishing secure and reliable ICT systems

RMG Consultancy aids in creating secure and reliable ICT systems.

Consultation and Support for ICT Projects

They provide consultation and support for the development and implementation of information and communication technology projects

Some of RMG's services under this standard include:

Engineering Consultation

RMG offers consultation and support for organisations in the development and execution of ICT projects.


They provide specialised training for employees on ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020.

Technical Support

RMG provides technical support for operating and maintaining ICT systems.

Why RMG?
  1. Experience: RMG has a team of experts and consultants experienced in applying global quality standards, including ISO standards, across various organizations.
  2. Commitment: RMG is committed to delivering high-quality and valuable services to its clients.
  3. Excellence: Renad Al Majd for Information Technology is a leading and distinguished company in Saudi Arabia in consulting and training in various fields, including ISO standards.
Standard (ISO/IEC 30145-3:2020) Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

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