What is the relationship between training the employees and ISO 9001 standard?

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All organizations are pursuing to obtain ISO 9001 standard, because of the many benefits that return to the organization as a result of applying the standard specification requirements for the quality management ISO 9001, There is a basic requirement that has a relationship with employees that everyone is unaware about it’s importance, and some are neglect it’s an application, It is training and developing the human resources, which employees are play an important role in the process of complying with the standard.

The importance of training employees comes from the fact it contributes in raising the level of knowledge and the skill of employees, and provide new methods and technique to employees, and using these will help them to perform their roles better, which enhance the quality system in the organization.

 In this article, we will discuss the importance of the training, its relationship with the specific standards for quality management “ISO 9001”, and how employees who receive additional tools are more happier and productive and they feel that they are a big part of organization.


The importance of training employees in the organization:

In order to lead in the competitive business market in every field, it’s very important to pay attention of the details, even the small details.

It’s become obvious that to maintain the state of organization and works to the best of its ability, it must be careful to guarantee the quality in all parts of organization, especially from company’s employee, including junior and senior staff. Also the various training would provide additional tools to your employees to achieve their goals and perform their job efficiently.

Each employee in organization has a role he should  perform during the daily work of organization, and in order to perform the job optimally, the employee needs the tools he requires for his specific job.

The field of training in organization has been planned and controlled in such a way that makes it possible to check and determine the suitability of employees to perform their work processes.


The relationship between training the employees and ISO 9001 standard:

It is an integral part of the sections of ISO 9001, the one who responsible for training will plan for programs for training employees in an organization according to ISO 9001 standard. This program includes relevant training to enhance the competency and skills of employees.

ISO 9001 standard requires trained employees and providing  them with the necessary knowledge and skill to perform their job efficiently, where every employees need a general understanding of what is ISO 9001 standard, And what are their responsibility to maintain quality management system and to comply to the requirements. You have to train your employees about/ for ISO 9001 standard to understand their job requirements, the importance of meeting customer requirements, and how their job contribute to meeting the quality policy.

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What are the benefits of training employees in organization?

The core/ of training employees in an organization is represent of enabling employees to obtain all the tools they need to perform their job in organization in the best way. The other purpose of training employees is to create a specific unification among the employees, which training employees in organization has a great importance, the more bigger organization becomes, it’s important is increase. Because training provide the practical tools to employees to perform their job, and also give them the confidence they need to work more efficiently and effectively. This is important for employees who deal with customers, suppliers, other employees, or anyone else associated in this and other way with the success of the organization.

As we mentioned, training gives employees lots of confidence, and it’s an added value in itself, but it is not the only value. The added value that does not reduce the importance of training is a strengthening the relationship between employees in the workplace and the participant in training programs; Because of sharing experiences during the joint training and learning, shared brakes, and shared leisure. In this way, each employee can get know his colleagues better, as a result of that, teamwork gets better between employees. All that happens while employees meet the order of enriching their professional knowledge,  Not a waste of time, GREAT isn’t it?


How are employees trained?

Trained employees in organization can be done in different ways. Sometime, training programs are computer courses, and sometimes training has a form of workshops consisting of one or a few sessions. And also can be internal training, conducted by a team of trainers from the same organization, or it can be external training, conducted by external trainer or by use a private training company. And each external and internal trainings has benefits. The appropriate type of the training is selected and determined in accordance with the needs and objectives of organization for retraining.

Leading topics in the field of training in organization are: Vocational training from companies and experts in this field ( Professional training companies that provide lecturers with structured training systems or training systems specifically adapted to the organization), And the online training materials (training videos and training manuals), that available on the organizational portal to enable, junior and senior employee, to access the vocational training material at all times.


Does any organization can benefits from training employees?

Each organization is expected to perform their work Efficiently and productively and contribute as much as do the success of the organization. This success can be achieved by providing various tools and the providing employees with adequate knowledge, and these things that are provided professionally by trainers with good training capabilities and practical tools that they can provide in a short time through appropriate training methods.


What are the resources that are required to set up training programs about ISO 9001?

In order to ensure the success of training in organization, the necessary resources must be planned in advance, such as:

  • Suitable space for planning.
  • Motivate and prepare employees for training.
  • Plan a training schedule based on the trainers working hours.
  • Choose the topic according to the organizational needs.
  • Appropriate budget planning if the training is external, or ensuring that internal trainer are trained if the training is internal.


The relationship between employees and human resources in the organization:

In the recent years training has become one of the most responsibilities for a human resource manager, where vocational training has become a major tool for raising the professional and personal level of organization, and it is the way that guarantee employees have the most professional tools they need to succeed.

In the competitive labor market, managers let employees know that they need to improve their capabilities and performance continuously, otherwise they will fall behind and lose their competitive position. Usually the solution is to do special trainings. The key to success, in any field, is the employee improvements by methods that start and end with training.



Training is a meeting point of interest for all parties in organizations: Administration is concerned to increasing the profit by increasing productivity and quality, managers are interested on expanding the professional knowledge is the department, and employees are concerned on developing their professional skills and enhancing their CVs. So even in the large organization where conflict of interest always occurs, the importance of training and its contribution on organization and/ or employee improvement is a point on which all agree.

Conduct and set up of trainings is the first and most appropriate away way to improve the efficiency of employees on a professional and personal level. And it is an Organizational tool for professional and personal upgrading, and a tool at the head of employee for a specialization, career advancement, and expertise, Where there is a direct relationship between vocational training, work quality, satisfaction, professional and personal security, promotion opportunities, and employees motivation.


Do you need to conduct training sessions about ISO standards within your organization?

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