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Risk Management in Government Institutions

وقت القراءة 4 دقيقة When we talk about government institutions, we must consider sustainability and security to meet the [...]

Data Cleaning: The Secret Behind Successful Data

وقت القراءة 3 دقيقة Data is today’s most valuable and essential resource, but what happens when this data is [...]

Smart Cities Foundation’s: Building the Future Wisely

وقت القراءة 4 دقيقة Smart cities have become one of the most trending topics in recent years as the [...]

Database Management’s Future

وقت القراءة 4 دقيقة Database management is one of the most critical areas in the world of business and [...]

Privatisation of the Public Sector in Saudi Arabia

وقت القراءة 3 دقيقة Privatisation of the public sector is one of the bold economic policies that the Kingdom [...]

Social Robots and Human Interaction

وقت القراءة 4 دقيقة With the advancement of technology and the evolution of artificial intelligence, social robotics have gained [...]

The digital transformation in Saudi Arabia in numbers

وقت القراءة 3 دقيقة The entire world is undergoing a tremendous evolution in the realm of technology and digitization. [...]

Digital Transformation in Education

وقت القراءة 4 دقيقة Digital technologies, the internet, and information technology have an effect on every part of life. [...]

Cybersecurity Basics: Your Guide to Digital Protection

وقت القراءة 5 دقيقة Recent developments have provided us with numerous advantages and opportunities, but they have also led [...]

Digital Twin: The Path to a Smart Government

وقت القراءة 4 دقيقة Today, digital transformation technologies play a pivotal role in the development of societies and institutions, [...]