The Specialized Hospital of His Majesty King Fahd

وقت القراءة 4 دقيقة

The Specialized Hospital of His Majesty King Fahd in Dammam – Executive Management for Operation. Four certificates from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO):

The application of these specifications is a complement to the effective role the hospital plays in enhancing the quality of health sector services in the Middle East, and in the context of its continuous efforts to provide a healthy and safe work environment that helps it to provide excellent health services to beneficiaries.

Where the hospital obtained a Quality Management System certificate after a comprehensive evaluation process and based on multiple criteria to determine internal and external risks and ensure that corrective measures are taken after evaluating the quality management system and achieving operational efficiency at the level of the services provided.

Specialized Hospital of His Majesty King Fahd The Specialized Hospital of His Majesty King Fahd Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

The ISO 9001 standard is considered the most internationally famous standard in the field of quality systems management, as it provides many benefits, for example:


  1. Increasing the quality of services and products
  2. Reducing mistakes
  3. time-saving
  4. Organizing expenses
  5. Optimal use of available resources

The hospital also obtained two certificates, one in occupational safety (ISO45001: 2018) and the other in building management (ISO 41001: 2018), which is considered one of the integrated standards that ensure a safe work environment by applying all safety requirements and ensuring the eligibility of workplaces and periodic maintenance of buildings.

In light of its approval of the international standards of the Environment Management System, the hospital obtained the international accreditation certificate (ISO 14001: 2015), which helps the facilities to follow the best international standards for building a sound environmental system.

Specialized Hospital of His Majesty King Fahd The Specialized Hospital of His Majesty King Fahd Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG

This standard specifies the best way to develop an effective environmental management system while sustaining its success by providing distinguished health services.

During the celebration of this occasion, the Executive Director of Specialized Hospital of His Majesty King Fahd in Dammam, Dr. Mansour bin Ahmed Tawfiq, said that this certificate is considered one of the distinguished ancient accreditations in the world, adding that there are several basic stages for obtaining certificates which include preparation, review, examination and training. He pointed out that at every stage, all procedures were evaluated and corrected, to complete the basic requirements for accreditation, also he emphasized that obtaining certificates for the executive management of the operation has several benefits, the most important of which are:

  1. Achieve the safety and satisfaction of patients, visitors and workers.
  2. Reducing accidents that may arise from the risks of the facility’s safety.
  3. Improve the image of the hospital.


And that obtaining certificates by an internationally specialized company is the first line in maintaining the standards of quality management, which passes an integrated series of follow-up, monitoring and daily scrutiny, through inspection tours, corrective reports, preventive maintenance and follow-up opinions of utility users, also the collection of information necessary to build accurate indicators by raising the quality of service.

In turn, the General Director of Renad AL Majed Group (RMG) Mr. Abdulkarim Abdulrahman Binmuharib, the consulting company implementing the project, expressed his happiness at the successful completion of the project, praising the efforts made by the staff of King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Dammam and the team of Renad AL Majed Group (RMG).


The IRCA Certified, Lead Auditor and Executive Director of Renad AL Majed Group (RMG) Eng. Fayyad Muhammad Hani Bayan spoke about the stages of the project implementation, where he said, ” A team of experts and consultants was formed under the leadership of a project manager specialized in the field of quality and who is Mr.Tareq Shehadeh. Establishing an action plan according to Prince 2 methodology, where the project was divided into six phases:

  • The first stage began with an assessment of the current situation in the executive management of employment
  • Then the second stage followed, where the policies related to quality management, support services department, maintenance management, and safety and security management were reviewed
  • In the third stage, the focus was on building a coherent quality system by setting up systematic work procedures and then applying them to the relevant departments
  • The fourth stage included training of employees on quality systems by holding four workshops attended by employees of various departments and the part of transferring knowledge to employees inside the hospital was worked as internal auditors within the scope of the hospital.


  • With the beginning of the fifth stage, the two-minute team organized the internal audit tours.
  • In the sixth stage, the Global Grants Company conducted a comprehensive audit and recommended, through its Executive Council, the granting of international accreditation certificates.

And thanks to God, Renad AL-Majed Group (RMG) received a certificate of thanks and appreciation to its employees from consultants, auditors, and project manager for her unlimited cooperation in successfully completing this mega project with high quality and on time.


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