The Cybersecurity Guidance Manual for Financial Market Institutions

The Cybersecurity Guidance Manual for Financial Market Institutions

Cybersecurity is defined as the process of protecting information that contributes to preventing attacks by detecting and responding to them through a set of tools, policies and concepts that are used to reduce cyber risks.

Cybersecurity in general also aims to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of information and its availability for use in a timely manner.

The National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) has issued several basic cybersecurity controls that national entities must adhere to reduce cyber risks from internal and external threats.

Based on the importance of applying cybersecurity in all entities, Renad Al Majd for Information Technology Company (RMG) offers the service “Implementing the Cybersecurity Guidelines for Financial Market Institutions” as part of its many series of services in the field of cybersecurity.

What is the purpose of this Guide? and where it can be applied

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What is the purpose of The Cybersecurity Guidance Manual in Financial Market Institutions?

The Cybersecurity Guidance for Financial Market Institutions aims to identify controls related to cybersecurity for market institutions that help improve cybersecurity risk management by adopting global best practices and local cybersecurity legislation.

Where does the Cybersecurity Guidance apply?

It is applied in all financial market institutions and organizations affiliated with the Capital Market Authority.

Scope of work:

The guide is structured around four main areas:

  • Cybersecurity governance.
  • Cybersecurity risk management, review and audit.
  • Cybersecurity controls related to operational processes.
  • Third-party security related to external parties.

​Each main area also contains several sub- areas that describe the expected goals of achieving cybersecurity controls, and include the basic controls that must be adhered to.

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The General Structure of The Cybersecurity Guidance Manual for Financial Market Institutions

* Cybersecurity governance

Leadership and responsibilities

Data governance and security

Strategy and policies

Training and awareness

Cybersecurity related to human resources

* Cybersecurity risk management, review and audit

Cybersecurity risk management

Cybersecurity review and audit

*Cybersecurity controls related to operational processes

Physical security

Cybersecurity Event Records Management

Infrastructure security

Information and Technical Assets Management

Safe Destruction


Vulnerability management

Electronic Trading Services

Cybersecurity Threat Management

Management of Identity Access and Permissions

Change management and project management

Use of personal devices (BYOD)

Cybersecurity Architecture

Application protection

Cybersecurity incident management

* Third-party security related to external parties

Contract and Supplier Management

External attribution

Cloud Computing

Safe destruction

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  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity of information
  • Availability of information

It is a set of regulatory frameworks and local and international standards that contribute to reducing the risks of electronic and technical threats to financial market institutions

It applies to all financial market institutions and any entity subject to the monitoring and supervision of the Financial Market Authority.

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