The importance of communication between government and private institutions on the one hand and the beneficiaries on the other is more important. The textSMS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM TEXER SMS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Renad Al Majd Group for Information Technology RMG message is the preferred method of informing beneficiaries about the important information that concerns them. Hence the need for a text messaging SMS Management System that enables enterprises to manage, distribute, follow up and send a large amount of text messages to selected segments of the beneficiaries.

TEXER SMS Management System Advantages:

  • The user interface is easy, simple and clear, containing all the services you need to send or schedule messages and send them later.
  • 100% Arabic interface with English interface available.
  • Web version you can access from anywhere via any Internet browser.
  • Provide the possibility of splitting messages on departments, departments and branches as needed.
  • We provide you 24/7 technical support by email and phone. Our team works to answer any of your questions immediately.
  • Software components give you full control over your account to send text messages according to a scheduled plan.
  • Supports sending messages via user interfaces or by integrating with other systems
  • The system provides software interfaces for communication with the rest of the systems (Web Service) and provides a balance of messages that are distributed through the integration programmatically without the use of any visual interfaces.
  • We provide you with quick statistics for all aspects where you can download detailed reports from the control panel of the formulas and models available.

Main TEXER SMS Management System components

The Main Page

  • Allows the user to view short information about the depleted balance and the available balance of the institution and the departments within it.

Message Management

  • The system administrator can specify a repository of messages for each department within the organization
  • Enable the possibility of splitting messages on departments, such as:
    1. Add / withdraw the balance of messages to the main departments
    2. Add / withdraw the balance of messages to the sub-departments
    3. Adding / withdrawing the balance of messages to sections
  • Provide the process of transferring the balance of messages from the main departments to the sub-departments or departments, and the process is also reverse, as the department can be transferred to the balance of messages to the main departments or sub-departments.
  • Message management has the ability to create contact lists by type of payee.
  • Provide multiple options for sending where the client can send messages through the following methods:
    1- Send to a number
    2. Send by file
    3. Messages to contact lists
    4. Send alerts
  • The client can track the transmission of manual transmission or scheduled transmission in the system.

System Management:

  • From here the system administrator can control the program from various aspects, for example
    1. Balance movement: Allows the system administrator to see the type of traffic (as an addition or transfer of balance) from and to various departments with the ability to see the number of messages added or converted at the date and time of the transaction.
    2. User Management: Allows the administrator to determine the validity of other users.
    3. System Traffic Monitoring: Allows the system administrator to view all processes such as a log-in or exit process and the process of sending messages.

Report Management:

  • Reports are one of the most important factors of excellence in Texer where there are a large number of reports that allow the decision-maker to see the workflow within the program and to name a few:
    1. Reports of major departments, sub-departments
    2. User reports for the program
    3. Reports on the remaining and remaining letters
    4. Reports on the tree balances
    5. Report on the movement of the transmitter

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