ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

For most businesses today data is the most invaluable asset. We offer implementing ISO 27001 to have a comprehensive system that will secure your data from various threats. Protecting sensitive data of the enterprise is not the only benefit of implementing this standardization but it will also safeguard its reputation. By gaining ISO 27001 accreditation customers and stakeholders’ confidence in the enterprise will increase allowing it to stand out amongst competitors.

  • Preparing a plan to clarify the time and the quality of the implemented standard.
  • Conducting a gap analysis to find weakness points and make a report that will give a clear idea of what should be done.
  • Risk analysis documentation.
  • Defining the scope of the project, policies and procedures.
  • Determining roles and responsibilities.
  • Providing proper training for employees and stakeholders.
  • Preparing staff to pass the internal and external audit.
  • Getting the accreditation.
  • Ensuring that an appropriate information security system is in place to look after the security of the organization
  • Managing security incidents
  • Protecting the company assets
  • Allowing secure exchange of information
  • Keeping confidential information secure
  • Consistency in the delivery of service
  • Provide the company with a competitive advantage