Introduction to Software System Architecture

Course Description

The Software Architecture training course teaches IT architects the mindset required to build robust, scalable and maintainable architectures. The course teaches a methodology and a set of techniques that show how to ensure that all aspects of a technical architecture are covered and documented.

The Software Architecture training course also teaches a set of architectural structures and patterns essential in building enterprise architectures. This course covers advanced aspects of object technology. The course teaches a variety of approaches to advanced issues important in real world applications. Particular attention is given to topics that improve the precision and quality of developed systems.

Course Objectives

• Learn the discipline, responsibilities and practices of a software architect
• Recognize and understand the various aspects of IT architectures
• Be able to recognize, understand and use the most common architectural patterns
• Effectively document IT architectures
• Be able to identify the various customers of IT architecture
• Understand how to analyze architectural assets

• Introduction
• The Architectural Development Process
• Architectural views
• A Notation for Describing Software Architecture
• Requirements and Architecture
• Commonly used Viewpoints
• Architypes
• Architectural Patterns
• Architectural assets

• Lectures:6 Hours

• Lab: 0 Hours

• Self-Study:9 Hours

• Credits:1 Hours

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