Foundations of Capability

The Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) is a set of activities used to improve procedures through models, assessment methods and training courses, it is a framework that describes the basic elements of effective procedures in the process of developing business cycles and providing services in order to help achieve business objectives related to basic elements, the most important of which are: cost, time management, and improving the quality of products or services.

This model was developed by the American (Software Engineering Institute), affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University, with support from the US Department of Defense.

Course objectives

  • Know how to link the CMMI model with business value
  • Description of the components of the CMMI model
  • How to use CMMI as a performance improvement tool
  • Understand the high-level value of CMMI

This course is well suited for anyone interested in improving business performance

  • Course completion certificate
  • Obtaining the number of approved exam hours that qualify you to take the certified associate exam
  • Certification as a Certified CMMI Associate upon passing the exam
  • Obtaining certification is a basic requirement to work on the CMMI assessment team
  • Obtaining certification is a prerequisite for any advanced CMMI training course

This course consists of lectures and classroom exercises with time dedicated for the participants’ questions and discussions, course coordination requires trainees to participate an activity during the course duration

This course does not require any prerequisites

Two days

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