Effective Presentation Skills(Soft Skills Category)

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of presentation skills for career development.
  • Identify the reasons that cause unbearable presentations and poor audience engagement.
  • Formulate SMART objective for a presentation.
  • Identify audience expectations, knowledge, experience, culture and interests.
  • Prepare and plan for a professional presentation with high impact.
  • Organizing ideas and information using map of ideas.
  • Recognize and understand different presentation structures and styles, and when and how to use each.
  • Build logical and impressing presentation, develop an introduction, capture the audience attention by using presentation openers, organize the body of the presentation, use transitions, and conclude the presentation.
  • Use clear, impressive and meaningful slides and visuals.
  • Build strong audience rapport while persuading and influencing to gain acceptance of proposals or new ideas.
  • Use visual aids, supporting material, demonstrations, charts and question-and-answer techniques.
  • Deliver a presentation with confidence, and use nonverbal communication aids.
  • Learn how to overcome stage fright and tension.
  • Handle different types of audience effectively, and understand why audience fail to listen.
  • Adopt professional body language and clear voice, and avoid distracting or casual gestures.
  • Dress-up professionally for a business presentation.

Effective Communication Skills

Requisites for

  • Effective Interviewing Skills.
  • Introduction

                   ―Importance and functions of presentations

                   ―Preseasons for unbearable presentations

                   ―Why audience fail to listen

  • Preparation

                   ―Presentation purpose and SMART objective

                   ―Identifying audience

                   ―Preparing the presentation content and supporting material

  • Building a presentation

                    ―Presentation structure

                    ―Develop an introduction and choose a presentation opener

                    ―Organize the body of the presentation

                    ―Effective conclusion and closing techniques

                    ―Visual aids

  • Presentation delivery

                    ―Communicating the message of the presentation

                    ―Body language and voice

                    ―Handle questions effectively

                    ―Dress to impress

  • Stress management for presentations

                    ―Performance anxiety symptoms and causes

                    ―Strategies to deal with anxiety

  • Lecture: 18 Hours
  • Laboratory: N/A
  • Credit: 2 Hours




  • Class Attendance: 10 Marks
  • Final Presentation: 90 Marks

Final Presentation:100 Marks

Self-study: 12 Hours