AGARJI Real estate marketing application

AGARJI Real estate marketing application components

  1. Partial tasks
  2. AGARJI Real estate marketing applicationPartial applications
  3. Partial offers
  4. Partial of my performances
  5. Partial profile
  6. Partial messages
  7. Partially block numbers

Key features of the real estate marketing application AGARJI:

  • The application running on smartphones – platform (Android) with an integrated Arab interface
  • An Arabic control panel that allows the system administrator to manage the program
  • Responsive, user-friendly design enables fast and convenient interaction with application functionality.
  • Supports Popup when receiving connections
  • Save customer numbers directly in the client list in the application
  • Ability to create a customer request or offer directly from the application through a simplified path of steps
  • Ability to add attached images to presentations while saving image data (coordinates).
  • Ability to audit applications and offers by database manager and system administrator after they are saved from users
  • Linked to customer request database and offers
  • The possibility of searching and searching is complicated by previous requests or offers in databases
  • It is possible to propose proposals suitable for students’ clients based on the data stored in the databases
  • Ability to send messages to customers automatically via SMS service
  • Manage messages sent in terms of content selection, number of messages sent persons and sending dates
  • Ability to manage bad reminders for customers or employees
  • The possibility of printing offers or applications directly from the application according to specific models
  • Possibility to manage the list of people sent (addition, blocking, editing …)
  • Possibility of creating job lists of applications and offers by the system administrator and assigning them to employees
  • Manage user accounts by logging in and out of the application.
  • Ease of user execution with a limited number of clicks.
  • Many other features