RMG Launches Service Management Office (SMO)

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RMG Launches Service Management Office (SMO)

RMG is finally launching Service Management Office (SMO) after the completion of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework project at the General Directorate of Information Technology and e-Services at the Riyadh Municipality, and after its great efforts in partnership with the team of Renad Al Majed. Service Management Office (SMO) is a relatively new concept that provides an excellency center within the organization in order to enhance efficiency and effectiveness by focusing on providing the best technical services to the beneficiaries. This new concept has emerged after the organizations’ perception of the IT department has changed from department that merely provides IT solutions to one provides a range of integrated, connected technical services, which is aligned with the strategic goals and objectives of the organization as a whole. Service Management Office (SMO) offers the following benefits:

  • Improving the compatibility between the objectives and strategy of the organizations and services provided by the IT department.
  • Providing an effective implementation mechanism to instill the concepts, rules and values ​​of IT governance in the organization.
  • Developing an effective focal point for integrating, promoting and applying best global practices.
  • Improving quality, value and operational efficiency of technical services.
  • Providing appropriate levels of responsibilities allocation in addition to get support and sponsorship from senior management.
  • Increasing consistency between Service Level Agreements and performance objectives within the organization.

Knowledge Transfer Program for ITIL Framework Application Project

The knowledge transfer program for the ITIL framework project was launched on 5/5/2018 in Riyadh Municipality in cooperation with RMG. At the beginning was hold a workshop for officials of the technical secretariat of Riyadh in Istanbul, Turkey, and was entitled ITIL PRACTITIONER    

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