High Maturity Concepts Course

Course objectives

  • The High Maturity Concepts course aims to explain the business value of improving performance using high maturity concepts
  • Recognize process characteristics that meet the purpose of CMMI high maturity practices

This course is for anyone interested in improving business performance who has completed the Foundations of Capability course and at least one course from the CMMI Building Excellence series.

  • Course completion certificate
  • Obtaining certification is a basic requirement to work in the CMMI assessment team for high maturity
  • Obtaining certification is a basic requirement for achieving the high maturity cycle

This course consists of lectures and classroom exercises with time dedicated for the participants’ questions and discussions, course coordination requires trainees to participate an activity during the course duration.

Trainees who wish to attend the High Maturity Concepts course must previously have either:

  1. Successfully complete the Foundations of Capability course within (two days) in addition to a Building Excellence course within (one day)

(Building Service Excellence, Building Development Excellence or Building Supplier Management Excellence course)


  1. Successfully complete CMMI v2.0 upgrade training (for those with previous CMMI v1.3 training)

Just one day

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