Digital transformation specialist workshop in the MEP

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Riyadh – Media Center for Renad Al Majd for Information Technology (RMG).

Digital transformation specialist workshop

Renad Al Majd Information for Technology Company (RMG) conclude a workshop today, Monday, 30 Shaaban 1442 H, entitled “Digital Transformation Specialist” for employees of the Saudi Ministry of Economy and Planning.

The Digital Transformation Consultant Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Khudair presented this workshop, during which he explained the concept of digital transformation and the concept of digital leadership.

The workshop was conducted on the distance learning system (online), in which the participants discussed many topics about DT and how DT helps to enhance the competitive position of the Ministry and open prospects for promising partnerships for it.

The workshop featured some examples of government institutions that have achieved success through digital business models.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Khadr while presenting the "digital transformation specialist" workshop to the staff of the Ministry of Economy and Planning
Al-Khudair emphasized that the aim of this workshop is to introduce the trainees to the best global practices in digital transformation and to provide them with the information and skills necessary to build a digital transformation strategy.

The workshop covered the following topics:

  • Explore the main axes of digital transformation.
  • Factors helping to make a successful digital transformation.
  • Diagnose the current problems within the facility and identify possible solutions.
  • Examining business models and shaping traditional solutions in a digital context.
  • Designing DT concepts.
  • Design tests and experiments.
  • Implement digital concepts in a way that is compatible with the culture and environment of the facility.
  • Evaluate digital maturity and generate test concepts.
  • technologies and processes to achieve a successful digital transformation.
  • How to build a digital transformation strategy.
  • Information security and digital transformation.

In conclusion, Dr. Al-Khudair thanked the Ministry of Economy and Planning for its efforts and eagerness to organize this workshop, which he considered would enhance the skills of the Ministry’s employees, and work to intensify their efforts to nurture leaders capable of leading the digital transformation project in the ministry.

This workshop comes within a series of workshops concludes recently by Renad Al Majd for Information Technology (RMG) to raise awareness of the role that organization leaders have in the process of digital transformation, and increase the digital skills of leaders of organizations in Saudi Arabia kingdom.

Renad Al Majd for Information Technology (RMG) is working to prepare leaders who have all the qualities that must be met in the ideal leader who can lead the process of digital transformation skillfully and efficiently. Therefore, RMG is keening to provide advanced training programs of the highest quality, in light of the real training needs for corporate leaders in the region.

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