RMG get accredited by International Council of E-Commerce Consultants “EC-Council”

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RMG get accredited by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants “EC-Council”

Most organizations face a number of challenges in the business world, from protecting customer results to intellectual property and sensitive information. Given these challenges, cyber security is a necessity, not a luxury.

As a culmination of our cyber security services, we have built partnerships with global cyber security providers. Renad Almajed Group (RMG) has been accredited by the world’s largest technical certification body for cyber security, the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants “EC- Council” as an accredited training center.

The Training Portfolio of “EC- Council” includes comprehensive courses on cyber security such as:

  • Certified Hacker Ethical
  • Supported in network defense
  • Master’s CEH
  • Certified threat Intelligence Analyst (C | TIA)
  • Certified Security Analyst from the World Council of Electronic Commerce Advisors (ECSA): Penetration Testing
  • Certified Security Analyst from the World Council of E-Commerce Advisors (My work)
  • LPT (Master’s) Training Program: Advanced Penetration Testing Course
  • Global Council of E-Commerce Advisors (V 2) Certified incident Processor


“Our focus is on helping our customers to keep their business safe and globally, by providing the right cyber security training, consulting, and solutions,” said Fayyad Bayan, CEO of Renad Almajed Group (RMG). The reputation of “EC- Council” in expanding the global partner network, to fully manage the certification process, starting with training accreditation, offering a consulting program, and managing the testing process worldwide.”

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