Launching the first governance framework project in Riyadh Municipality

Launching the first governance framework project in Riyadh Municipality

Dated: 23, February, 2019

As part of Riyadh Municipality’s efforts to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, Renad Al Majed Group (RMG) for Information Technology has been selected to design, develope and implement the five good governance processes in accordance with the COBIT 2019 Global Governance Framework at Riyadh Municipality.

Governance Definition

The governance can be defined as a set of responsibilities and practices exercised by the board and executive management with the goal of providing strategic direction, ensuring that objectives are achieved, ascertaining that risks are managed appropriately and verifying that the organization’s resources are used responsibly.’

The governance aims to ensure achieving quality and excellence in performance by choosing appropriate and effective methods to achieve the plans and objectives of the institution and control relations between the key parties that affect performance. The scientific community has defined it as good governance implemented through a set of controls and rules that lead to transparency and regulatory compliance.

The new version of Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) framework was selected as the best framework to achieve those goals.

Strategic Objectives

There are many objectives that can be achieved through the implementation of the COBIT 2019 but the strategic objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • Laying the cornerstone of the IT governance framework in general.
  • Adding value to various stakeholders and maintain this value within the facility.
  • Expanding the business sectors’ participation in the IT governance.
  • Ensure the harmonization of frameworks, methodologies, models and international standards within the facility. COBIT is like a broad umbrella under which the facility can include many interlinked and harmonized frameworks, methodologies and international standards. The diagram below shows a brief overview of this linkage:

The most important benefits of the project

Decision makers in large and medium enterprises are looking for projects with higher return on investment, so the COBIT 2019 framework is a good choice as it provides many direct and indirect benefits, for example:

  • Raising awareness about enterprises’ leaders of the strategic role of information technology.
  • Enhance levels of participation and support of enterprise leaders.
  • Better use of available resources.
  • Better understanding of risk and therefore higher risk management capacity.
  • Align IT investments with business priorities and needs.
  • Faster response to organizational changes within facilities.

Project Scope

COBIT 2019 operations are divided into two areas:

  • Governance of Enterprise IT.
  • Management of Enterprise IT.

These two areas comprise 5 domains and 40 processes. In its first phase, the project focuses on the governance area and on one domain responsible for evaluating, directing and monitoring (EDM) by designing, developing and documenting the following processes:

  • Ensure Governance Framework Setting and Maintenance
  • Ensure Benefits Delivery
  • Ensure Risk Optimization
  • Ensure Resource Optimization
  • Ensure Stakeholder Engagement

Project strengths

The implementation of governance frameworks projects are sensitive consultative projects that require expertise and high competencies as the work will extend to several aspects within the facility and require significant cooperation from senior and middle leaders within the facility.

The current project is characterized by the following:

  • Use the new version of COBIT in the region’s first government agency.
  • Riyadh Municipality is the first municipality in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to begin with the implementation of good governance, which gives more importance to this project as it will be a benchmark in municipal work within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region.
  • A unique implementation experience begins with the implementation of the governance framework supported by Top-Down-Approach.
  • A consultant team with high expertise and competence from Renad Al Majed Group (RMG) for Information Technology and Riyadh Municipality.