Launching IT Governance Project in Riyadh Municipality for the first time

Launching IT Governance Project in Riyadh Municipality for the first time

Dated: 29, August, 2019

In addition to the record of Renad Al Majed Group (RMG) for Information Technology, the implementation of the IT Governance Framework (COBIT 2019) project was launched in Riyadh Municipality. The importance of the project comes from the fact that it will provide a comprehensive framework that will help Riyadh Municipality achieve its objectives in the areas of IT governance and its management, and make the most of information technology by maintaining a balance between achieving benefits, reducing risk levels, and optimizing the use of resources.

The COBIT 2019 application within Riyadh Municipality will also contribute to IT governance and manage it in a holistic manner across the Municipality, taking into account all aspects of functional responsibilities related to IT and business, in addition to IT interests of stakeholders within and outside the Municipality.

A number of consultants at Renad Al Majed Group (RMG) for Information Technology are working on this project, as well as Integrated Computer Systems Company that participated in implementing this project. The project is expected to continue for 6 months.

Fayyad Bayan, CEO of Renad Al Majed (RMG) for Information Technology, explained the technical aspects of the project. He explained that the objective of the project is to implement the IT Governance Framework (COBIT 2019) by selecting the best processes, best policies, and the best appropriate procedures for the Municipality in order to raise the Level of governance so that the goal of developing IT management processes can be achieved and priorities can be set.

The most important documents that will be issued by the end of the project are: SWOT Analysis for the current status of the operations of the IT services and e-services management, the future status document (To-Be) for the operations of the management of IT services and e-services within the framework of the governance of COPT 2019, Organizational Change Management document, and IT Governance and Management Framework document.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Ali Aqili, General Director of Information Technology at Riyadh Municipality, Hassan Assiri, General Director Assistant of Information Technology, and Mr. Abdul Karim Bin Abdulrahman Bin Muhareb, RMG General Manager.