Self-Sterilization Unit -SSU

The autoclave unit is a sterilization corridor that works automatically when people pass through it.
The Unit is a local industry by following the best international guidelines for quality specifications.​
Self-Sterilization Unit -SSU Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
  • A completely locally manufactured frame has the dimensions (height 240 cm, width 140 cm, length (depth) 200 cm).Self-Sterilization Unit -SSU Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
  • 20 liter sterilizer tank.
  • A large number of sterilizer sprinklers are professionally distributed to ensure excellent sterilization for the person, using the finest types of accessories related to spray technology in line with modern technologies in the field of sterilization.
  • The unit works efficiently with any sterilization liquid authorized by the Ministry of Health.
  • The unit works automatically once the person passes through it.
  • You can add additional thermal Camera to measure the human temperature.
Where We can use it
Commercial Mall
Government Buildings
and residential complexes and others

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