ISO 11179 – International Standard for Data Governance and Records

Data governance and compliance are a framework for decision-making, and for the requirement of accountability in the intention to encourage desired behavior when assessing, creating, storing, using, archiving, and deleting information.
It includes roles, processes, standards and metrics that ensure the effective use of information to enable the organization to achieve its goals.

  • Increase consistency and confidence in decision-making.
  • Reduce the risk of regulatory fines.
  • Improve data security, as well as define and verify the requirements for data distribution policies.
  • Maximize the income-generating potential of the data.
  • Set accountability standards for the quality of the information.
  • Enables the best possible layouts, by supervision staff.
  • Improve employee effectiveness.
  • Create the foundations for performing the process to enable improvement efforts.

Data governance is a system, to control quality in evaluating, managing, using, improving, controlling, maintaining, and protecting regulatory information.

Data governance is the decision-making and accountability system for information-related operations that an organization implements according to agreed models that describe who can take action with any information.