ISO 41001 facilities Quality Management System:

ISO 41001 facilities Quality Management System


They developed this system to legalize facilities, and buildings and ensure their safety and compliance with standards. The standard aims to ensure safety and security against risks.
• This standard provides effective management for facilities in various sectors reduces cost and ensures the safety of legal procedures, and thus the safety of facilities, and that work obliges workers in different sectors. It also guarantees protection against any defects or breaches.

that will achieve:
• Great benefit for constructions and buildings.
• Increases global marketing opportunities globally and reduce costs.
• Increases production
• Obtaining a guarantee not to violate these conditions and standards,
which is in turn guarantees the safety of the departments and establishments.

like the rest of international standards, was established by the International Standards, Organization and is important for building safety, ensuring protection for customers, ensuring brand quality, increasing global marketing opportunities, and ensuring safety against risks are among the most important goals of ISO 41001.