Management System for Tourism Services – ISO 18513

A day by a day, the importance of the services sector increases In International trade, where determining and measuring quality in the services sector is much more difficult than other sectors.
In the tourism sector, quality is a very difficult, uncertain, and complex concept, in terms of being understandable, applicable, and controllable.
Hence, for many reasons, the quality of service leads to different perceptions.
The quality of provided services may vary according to providers, or organizations and it may vary from customer to customer.

Seeing as that enterprise success is directly proportional to providing quality products and services, the concept of quality of service has gained increasing importance.

With the increased level of activities, in particular, in the tourism sector, it became a necessity to set regulations for the management of companies.
That is why the idea of ​​setting standards for housing, food, drinks, and entertainment besides many other activities, has arisen up.
Which prepared by International Standards Organization ISO.

  • Gain distinction over national and international competitors.
  • Contribution to advertising activities, inside country, and abroad.
  • Increase market share in local and international markets.
  • Consistency in services provided to clients.
  • Contribute to the institutionalization of activities.
  • Improve profitability and work efficiency.