Interviewing Skills(Soft Skills Category)

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the HR selection process.
  • Hunt an employment opportunity and apply for a job vacancy.
  • Distinguish between different types of interviews and employment tests.
  • Compose a CV, cover letter and reference sheets.
  • Handle the weaknesses in the CV.
  • Deliver convincing answers to different types of interview questions.
  • Prepare to conduct a professional interview and build rapport with the interviewer.
  • Present themselves in a professional manner during the interview.
  • Learn techniques to help control interview nerves and be confident.
  • Apply interview etiquette, greeting, handshaking and attire.

Effective Communication Skills

Requisites for

  • Effective Interviewing Skills.
  • Selection process and techniques
  • Writing CV/Resume
  • CV main sections
  • CV styles
  • Types and formats of interviews
  • Typical Interview questions
  • Dealing with illegal questions
  • How can you prepare yourself for an interview?
  • What to know about the interviewing company?
  • Personal appearance
  • First impression
  • Greeting and handshaking
  • Answering Frequently asked interview questions
  • Managing body language
  • Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts
  • Lecture: 12 Hours
  • Laboratory: N/A
  • Credit: 1 Hour
  • Class Attendance: 10 Marks
  • CV: 90 Marks

Written Exam:100 Marks

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