What is digital transformation?

The importance of digital transformation increases with the unprecedented conditions that the world lives in today. Perhaps the first step in the journey of digital transformation is to develop a strategy of digital transformation that will outline the path and define articulated milestones, strategic goals, frameworks, models, methodologies, and indicators for measuring digital performance.

It can be said that it is very difficult to see a unified definition of digital transformation as each institution works to adopt its own recognition that reflects its vision of the digital world and the knowledge economy.

But if we try to find a brief and practical definition, it is to define the digital transformation as an ongoing process that the enterprises undertake to adapt to the changing requirements of its customers and employees by taking advantage of the digital capabilities to build:

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Features and advantages of digital transformation :

In the past years, the digital transformation team at Renad Almajed Group (RMG) Have been accomplished Several projects in this field where many features and features describing digital transformation have appeared to us and these experiences can be summarized with the following points, to name a few: - Digital transformation is an imperative that will include everyone sooner or later. - Digital transformation quickly reshapes:

Digital Transformation Consulting services Consultation Services Renad Almjed Group (RMG)

And that over the next ten to twenty years, everything will change from our solutions.

Is there a difference between mechanization or automation and digital transformation?

Digital transformation is often confused with mechanization or automation where some decision makers believe that launching a project to automate project management office is the embodiment of the digital transformation and the fact that digital transformation is a deep process that includes all the activities of the Organization while automation focuses on automating the work of a specific department or Unit.

The digital transformation process usually focuses on studying business models within the Organization and then working on re-engineering the services so that it produces new digital services that serve customers in a simpler and more effective way, while the automation process studies the procedures for a specific department or Unit and then build the internal system or buy it from External provider.

Here it is necessary to point out a big difference in the supporters of the digital transformation initiative and the automation initiative where the success of digital transformation is required to obtain significant support from top management because the process will lead to radical changes in behaviors and practices and business models in the organization and on the other hand, automation initiatives can be successful when obtaining Support the concerned department director or Unit.

About the benefits of digital transformation:

Returning to the definition of digital transformation, it becomes clear to us that it is a long journey and needs a lot of patience, and there are many challenges involved, but are this trip worth it and what the benefits of digital transformation are:

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Pillars of digital transformation :

Any successful application of the digital transformation requires basic columns, and the number of primary pillars usually varies from one side to the other, but it can be said that the four indispensable axes are:

Digital Transformation Consulting services Consultation Services Renad Almjed Group (RMG)

What are the techniques of digital transformation?

There are many emerging technologies and new technologies appear rapidly, and according to many periodicals and research in the field of Information & Communication Technology, almost six months do not pass, but news about new and promising technologies and innovations appears to us, and as these technologies compete, standards must be established that allow each Organization to choose the technologies. Commensurate with the nature of her work, for example:

Digital Transformation Consulting services Consultation Services Renad Almjed Group (RMG)

Challenges to digital transformation

- Inability to develop a viable digital transformation strategy Where most facilities focus on building huge and complex strategies and with the first attempts to implement these strategies these attempts collide with reality on the ground. During the past years, the consulting team of Renad Almajed Group (RMG) has worked to develop and implement many strategic and executive plans for digital transformation in a successful and distinct manner in public and private sector facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and around the region.

- Difficulty developing a clear vision: the result of the abundance of information and technical solutions, their overlap, and the weak ways of linking with the vision of the organization in general.

- Lack of competencies and capabilities: most enterprises suffer from modest levels of knowledge

- Difficulty improving products and services: due to the complexity of some business models

Where does the digital transformation journey begin?

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