Certified Digital Transformation Specialist

Introduction to the basics of digital transformation

Digital transformation is defined as the process of transitioning government sectors or companies into a business model that uses digital technologies to innovate products and services, and to provide new channels of revenue that increase the value of their products.

As the amazing development in devices, machines and smart systems and the emergence of digital transformation technology will lead to shortening time, reducing costs and achieving greater flexibility and efficiency in the production process and a large capacity in data processing and industrial intelligence, these developments will undoubtedly widen the scope of development and change and the occurrence of unprecedented transformations in the economy And the labor market and the industrial sector, where the digital transformation represents one of the most important drivers and incentives for growth in major companies, which imposes on companies a crucial race to develop innovative solutions, ensuring their continuity in the circle of competition.

General training program objectives

Digital Transformation Specialist Renad Almjed Group (RMG)

  • Provide the trainee with the digital transformation (Definition, motivation, challenges, basic features and benefits).
  • Provide the trainee with the information and skills necessary to build a digital transformation strategy.
  • Enable the trainee to perform digital transformation test
Training Program detailed objectives
  • earn about digital transformation (definition, drivers, challenges, basic features and benefits)
  • Explore the main Pillars of digital transformation
  • Factors helping the success of the digital transformation
  • Diagnosing current problems within the facilities and identifying possible solutions
  • Study business models and form traditional solutions in a digital context
  • Design concepts for digital transformation
  • Designing tests and experimentsDigital Transformation Specialist Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
  • Implementing digital concepts in a way that is compatible with the facility’s culture and environment
  • Evaluating digital maturity and generating test concepts
  • Technologies and processes for successful digital transformation
  • How to build a digital transformation strategy
  • Digital transformation governance
  • Information security and digital transformation
Required skills according to the digital skills framework (SFIA)

تحول رقمي






Enterprise IT governance



Strategic planning



Information systems coordination



Specialist advice



Business process improvement



Emerging technology monitoring



Business analysis



Requirements definition and management



Organizational capability development



Business process testing



Benefits management

Qualification Overview

Certified Digital Transformation Specialist

• Executives, general managers and heads of departments in governmental bodies and ministries
• Digital transformation committees and teams.
• Information technology experts involved in digital transformation initiatives
• Government employees involved or affected by digital transformation

16 /Hour – 4Days 


Computer/Laptop- Stable connectivity to Internet- (Zoom or Microsoft Teams) application.

  • Eng. Nasser El Hout
  • Eng. Fayyad Bayan
About Trainers

Eng. Nasser El Hout
Digital Transformation Specialist Renad Almjed Group (RMG)

• Is one of the few experts in the field of information technology governance and Digital Transformation has successful application experiences in many countries in the region and the world
• He holds a computer engineering degree & a master’s in executive management
• He holds many professional certificates in the field of governance, technical services management, project management and quality systems management.
• A certified trainer from several international bodies such as PEOPLECERT, APMG & PECB and during the course of more than twenty years, he trained more than 4000 trainees.
• He is distinguished by his extensive work experience, as he advised several sectors in many countries.


Eng. Fayyad Bayan
Digital Transformation Specialist Renad Almjed Group (RMG)

• Digital Transformation and Governance Consultant
• He holds a master’s degree in Computer and Communications Engineering
• PHD preparation stage in ITSM.
• He holds several professional certificates in the field of digital transformation, information technology governance and management of technical services
• He holds several certificates in project management and quality management systems, computer networks and computer systems
• A certified trainer from many global bodies, such as Microsoft; Cisco; Peoplecert
• Experience of more than fifteen years in providing consulting and training programs
• Over 3,000 trainees trained in 3 languages, Arabic, English and French
• Participated in providing digital transformation and governance consulting for many establishments and companies in the Kingdom and abroad

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