Blockchain Revolution

“The potential ROI of Blockchain” 28- 29/ 09/2020 

Blockchain Revolution Renad Almjed Group (RMG)

Workshop overview

In this workshop, will discuss in details :

  • how to approach Blockchain and apply it to gain more advantages in any business ecosystem,This technology will disrupt how enterprises are funded and managed, how they create value, and even how they perform basic functions like marketing and accounting.
  • how blockchain technology will penetrate into the structures of organizations.
  • how blockchain will transform the roles of the C-Suite, and how a blockchain can be used to manage and protect intellectual property.
  • identify the different layers of the blockchain technology stack, and explain how these affect the governance of blockchain systems
  • Identify seven qualities that a region in the world needs in order to attract technology startups and to build a vibrant blockchain ecosystem.

Workshop objectives

  • Profound understanding of what blockchain and is its potential global impact and concepts Business applications of blockchain technology.
  • Develop a solid fundamental understanding of the inner workings of blockchain with detailed explanations of “mining”, decentralized consensus, cryptography, smart contracts and many other important.
  • Gain a broader perspective on innovation with the new paradigm and frameworks brought by blockchain including decentralized organizational structures, networks and applications.
  • Project the potential impact of blockchain on many sectors like finance, consumer & retail, media, transportation & logistics, technology and the internet of things.
  • Have a clear and realistic view on the current state of blockchain technology with its issues, limitations and potential solutions that can take it to the next level.
Targets Industries
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Financial services.
  • Energy and utilities.
  • Retail and Consumer.
  • Entertainment and media.
  • Products and Manufacturing.
Blockchain Revolution Renad Almjed Group (RMG)
Blockchain Revolution Renad Almjed Group (RMG)


Blockchain Revolution
  • Blockchain Technologies.
  • Transacting on the Blockchain.
  • Blockchain and Business: Applications and Implications.
  • Blockchain Opportunity Analysis
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Blockchain.


Blockchain with Business value
  • The potential ROI of Blockchain.
  • Blockchain with Healthcare.
  • Blockchain with Governments.
  • Blockchain with Banking and FI.
  • Blockchain with Transportation.
  • Blockchain Media and Entertainment.
  • Blockchain with Retail and Insurance
Blockchain Revolution Renad Almjed Group (RMG)

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