Internet Of Things- IoT:

The Internet of Things—a is a giant network of machines, sensors and smart devices connected to each other via the Internet

Why enterprises must include IoT engaged into their business processes?

  • Collecting large amount of data by adding sensors will help humans to take more smart decisions
  • Connecting devices on cloud help humans to track and monitor every devices 24 hours
  • Reduce human efforts, time and cost depending on the ability of automat most processes using cloud connectivity and smart devices.
  • IoT means machine to machine communication which increase the efficiency and save more money

Top IoT implementaion areas:

  • Smart predictive and maintenance systems
  • Smart tracking and mentoring systems
  • Smart Supply Chain Management
  • Connected HealthCare System
  • Smart Farming
  • Smart electricity grid
  • Smart driving systems and Connected vehicles
  • Smart Barcode Readers

RMG offers IoT services and consultations:

Our IoT consultants can offer solutions to help your enterprise during your digital transformation journey to integrate Internet Of Things into your business using smart devices that share data via internet.

Based on our user experiences and best practices we help you after reviewing your business processes to improve your ROI and get tangible business benefits based on various  platforms including Microsoft IoT Services, Amazon IoT Services,Samsung’s SmartThings platform, IBM Watson IoT Services, iOS HomeKit platform, and Google’s Nest platform, as will as connectivity building, lifecycle management and security.

What we do exactly:

  • Define the IoT strategy required to adopt IoT into existing business processes.
  • Create the digital roadmap, define the system blueprint with the best practices for the data models, storage, products, processes.
  • Meet the security requirements in IoT devices and applications.
  • Providing advanced analytics of data generated by IoT
  • Develop and deploy solutions for the Internet of Things using trusted platforms: Raspberry Pi, and an IBM Watson IoT.
  • Program the APIs to access the platform and build different connectivity options for various devices, gateways and applications.