The G20 Summit is still the most prominent economic event that held in the past few days. It includes the top 20 global economic powers. In the context of the latest developments in finance and business, we can say that technology is one of the most important destinations for major investors in the world seeking to economic achievements, comfort and entertainment.

Saudi representation at the summit was strong and influential, whether talking about Saudi Arabia being one of the most important investment destinations, or in the presence of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman where he talked about modern technologies in the world of systems, automation and the Internet of Things, and how these techniques can be used to achieve more success and progress on the technical and economic level. His highness also wondered how IoT technologies could change our perception of the present and the future, and how the Kingdom could take another step towards the future, pointing out that the IoT is a vision of something that started from the distant future, stressing the need to care about the development of such technologies and help the Kingdom in reaching the ultimate goals of Vision 2030 in line with the tremendous development of information technology in the whole world.

What is the Internet of Things (IOT)?

It is a giant network of devices connected to each other via the Internet. These devices can exchange and process information without the intervention of human hands, and they may be smart phones, electrical devices, cars, or even traffic lights.

Internet of things applications

Using devices equipped with sensors capable of sending a huge amount of data over the network for analysis and processing will lead to revolutionary applications such as smart homes, self-driving cars and fully automated laboratories.

More broadly, IOT can be applied to urban infrastructure and services to transform them into smart cities with innovative technology solutions that contribute to improving the quality of life for citizens and visitors. These solutions will include transportation networks, electricity, water, health services, security, and many other services.

How can we use these techniques?

We can benefit enormously from the availability of such technologies in the largest financial, commercial, industrial, and agricultural systems. In short, we can take full advantage of this technology by automating everything in the world so we save a lot of time, effort, wasted financial resources, and human resources.